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Ranging in price from $69 (Houzz) to $320 (AeroGarden Elite), these tiny harvesters are a unique corporate gift that’ll give your client access to their favorite plants and herbs all year round, all from the comfort of their office’s break room.  It’s a fresh way to say thanks that’ll stay fresh all year round, rain or shine.
For a more immersive corporate gift idea, hook your fun-loving client up with a glamping weekend that gives them the best of all worlds – getting out into nature by day, and getting hooked up with luxury by night.  Whether that means sleeping on tempurpedics inside climate-controlled pods, or just sleeping next to a giant bucket of Veuve Clicquot is up to you.
A promotional gift does not need to be addressed or personalised for a single person (i.e. have a gift message) while a corporate gift needs to be addressed to the recipient, i.e. you should have an existing relation with the person.  
You’ll also be amazed by the range of tasks Fancy Hands assistants are ready to take on. Whether it’s researching a novel, tracking packages at the post office, scheduling dates with friends and even coming up with ideas for things to do with kids, these power-house assistants have done it all.
When choosing your bouquet, make sure to opt for high-end, premium blooms. Shy away from cheap, garish or dyed flowers such as carnations. Instead, think about elegant blooms such as roses, orchids, lilies, and peonies.  When choosing your bonsai, be sure to pick a size that fits the recipient’s desk or room.

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For some paperweights, you can incorporate a customized image or message to make them personal, interesting and inviting to the recipient. This exquisite corporate gift will definitely add class to the recipient’s desk, an ideal high end corporate gift idea indeed.
“My co-worker is in the hospital after a bad car accident. Can you call the gift shop there and ask them if they sell fun things to do to pass the time that they could send in a gift basket type of thing to him? Crossword puzzles, trashy magazines, stuff like that. I’d like to spend about $50. If they don’t do that sort of thing, please find a place that can.”
Whatever your client’s favorite sport, snag tickets for the minor league version and go with the whole office. Because here’s the secret: that’s where you can still have fun as a group. No insane parking wars, no cattle-herding “walking” in. Not to mention you’ll save a bunch of money on tickets (and spend it on scoring your client the first pitch instead, you know, if they’re really family).
Our business gift experts are ready to assist you. Show your appreciation for employees, clients and colleagues with corporate food gifts of the highest quality and taste. Our curated collection of indulgent business gift baskets are the perfect solution for all your holiday business needs. Celebrate Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Milestones or simply say thank you to your best clients.
Is retro your vice? Or have you just never met a candy that you didn’t like? Is there really truth to the old adage ”You are what you eat”? Are you crazy about sugary, sour, fluffy, chewy, colorful, crunchy, hard, licorice, dark, milk or white chocolate? Candyality is on a mission to uncover the universal connection to confections! Visit our stores or shop online to find out what your choices say about you!
Therefore, a branded pen is a nice and practical addition to the recipient’s wardrobe, making it among the best luxury branded corporate gifts. Additionally, there are a ton of design options to choose from.
Chances are Sriracha’s a kitchen staple for this kind of client. We can’t say why exactly, but were we to try and correlate offices with dogs, offices with video games, and offices with Sriracha in their kitchen, chances are we’d be successful. Brand your client’s bottles with their corporate logo, and you’ll be adding a personal touch to an omnipresent gift.
You’ll be satisfied with the selection whether you’re interested in the best corporate giveaways for employees, students, clients or friends. We’ve got exactly what you need to make this year memorable; the best corporate gifts of 2018.
Are your clients in construction or maintenance? This handy tool-holding wristband is magnetic, so they’ll never drop a screw or nail again! We all know how pesky it can be to nuts and bolts scatter across the floor and disappear under furniture or into the floorboards while we’re working on a project. Help your construction-oriented clients out in one small way that will keep them thinking of your generosity on the job for years to come.
When the holiday season arrived, I wanted to do something special for my employees, my clients and their families. I knew I wanted to send out generous gift baskets, and I wanted them to be food gift baskets, but they needed to have that air of professionalism, since they were representing my business. That’s why I used GiftTree – their business food gift baskets were perfect, and their two day delivery meant that my employees and clients would receive their gifts right on time. But the best part came with GiftTree’s personalization – I was able to add my company’s logo on to each corporate gift basket, making it truly memorable!
With this service, you can choose from a variety of different gift boxes that are designed to give the recipient a special taste of a faraway place with information, photos and even foods from different locales.
Or if you prefer, snag an air hockey table for the client who’s got room to spare. And aggression to get it. It’s as loud a corporate gift idea as they come, and not just metaphorically. But for the right client, that means it’s just loud enough.
Another high-octane thrill that’s just as cathartic, but a whole lot less scary is Go Karts, which not only helps your client work out their aggression, but lets them work it out on their coworkers.  It’s one thing to hit the throttle and get over the week’s stress, but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to beat the boss that caused it all to the finish line.
When the holiday munchies strike, make sure your clients are covered with a beautiful box of assorted gourmet snacks. This classic Harry & David box includes smoked sausage, aged cheddar cheese and honey hot mustard to be enjoyed with three-seed crackers, along with mixed nuts and Moose Munch. If this package won’t tantalize your clients’ taste buds, other boxes are available with different snack selections.
Made of durable cotton canvas and with a comfortable handle for easy carrying, she can enjoy her gardening with all the handy tools in one place.  There are ample external and interior pockets for her to keep her tools, seeds and so on.
Fancy Hands offers monthly and yearly plans—all surprisingly affordable. As a gift-giver, you can choose to purchase the service for even just a month, so you can give this incredible gift without breaking the bank.
Hook your overbooked client up with a gift card that’ll ease the load.  Task Rabbit’s there to run chores, fix equipment, or simply grab groceries for them, and it’s a corporate gift idea that’ll have them feeling like a full blown corporation.
For a lower-impact corporate gift idea that’ll have broader applications, but just as much glee, book a bounce house for your client.  For as much time as they want, their whole office will turn back into preschoolers.  In the fun way, for once.
The kind of order you would place using our Corporate Gifts Online Ordering functionality could be defined as any order that has the same (or similar) gifts to be sent to different addresses all at once. For example, if you really like our Gourmet Popcorn Tins, but don’t want to use our Online Shop to order because you have 100+ recipients, using our Corporate Gifts Online Ordering will get your order details directly to the Corporate Order experts at Campbell’s! Whether you’ve reviewed our shop to make your selection in advance, or are completely undecided on the product, we’ll work with your needs wherever you’re at in the process!
Rewarding your employees and associates with engraved money clips or giving your client a personalized money clip is a great way to create a closer working relation with them, this is also among the best retirement gift for men!
Campbell’s gourmet gifts are great for any occasion, and now with our Corporate Gifts Online Ordering, placing your large order is easier than ever! Whether it’s 20 or 200 gifts, Campbell’s can assist you: we specialize in corporate orders of all sizes and can handle just about any volume of products to meet your holiday & general-gifting needs! Discounts are available for large-quantity orders, and also for ordering ahead of the holiday rush!
And instead of just a flimsy piece of paper explaining where the donation went, your clients will get a product with the number of meals their gift provided printed straight on it…so they can remember the good they’re doing every single day.
Technology continuously opens doors for incredible products to keep everyone entertained, the da Vinci 3D pen is no exception. Give the gift of creation with a device that can create 3D printed objects without the need of computers or design software. The pen comes with 11 color filaments, which are biodegradable, non-toxic made from organic materials. Dazzle clients with this inventive and memorable gift.
GreatArrivals understands the importance of servicing the needs of our valuable Corporate Customers. We recognize your need for professionalism and making the right impression on your valuable Clients, Colleagues, and Employees. Our Corporate Product Selection is designed to help you choose the right basket(s) for your needs within your budget. We offer over 200 gift baskets across all of our Gourmet, Specialty, Holiday and Occasion Categories, but have selected a few dozen unique Corporate Gourmet & Wine gift baskets that we think fit within our Corporate Customer’s needs and budget.
A solar-powered phone charger’s the corporate gift that saves energy – not just in general, but specifically for you.  They’re cheap, easy to find, and just like a regular charger, your client probably can’t have enough.
If your colleague has a sweet tooth, this candy bouquet may be the perfect gift for her. This gift comes in a vase (made from Hershey chocolates) and attractive ribbon, which makes gifting much easier.
Online brands like Le Labo and and UNIQUE let you build a scent for scratch – a collection of all your client’s favorite elements, and label it just for them.  Or simply build a scent profile that represents the core of their business.
Small promotional gifts costing less than £50 are tax deductible but only if they are clearly branded. Corporate gifts that are non-promotional gifts are classed as entertaining by the HMRC therefore non tax deductible.
Looking for a fantastic anniversary gift? Whether you’re celebrating your first anniversary or toasting to 50 years with your one true love, offers heartfelt anniversary gifts your special someone will adore. From custom home décor to sentimental keepsakes he or she will treasure, our personalized anniversary gifts are sure to help you express your love.
Thanks to our Corporate Gifts Online Ordering functionality, you can review our Gift Recipient List specifications to prepare your list of contacts in advance of placing your order, making the order process super fast and easy. We’re able to ship to any size group of recipients, and once you’ve sent us your list, we can handle the rest from there—from quote to shipping fulfillment! You don’t have to worry about product distribution, organizing the shipments, or dealing with the extra stress of product delivery; let us at Campbell’s handle that! We make great popcorn and know how to ship it!
Browse here for some brilliant Products to maximise your campaigns, all of which can be branded with your own logo or message. And with advent calendars from under £1.50 each, to contemporary snow globes and more corporate products such as luxury hampers, there’s something for almost any budget.
We offer products customized to match your brand; managed programs and total brand development, including print catalogs and eStores; special order solutions, products sourced and developed especially for you; incentives & recognition programs; global services and so much more!
For “writerly” types or someone who likes to jot down stuff on pen and paper, a leather journal makes a thoughtful and expensive corporate gift. Journals are personal items, so swing for custom gold embossed personalization with their initials on the cover.
To provide food with those drinks, send a personal chef over to your client.  Or for a less extravagant way to deliver the exact same thrills, hook them up with drop-off catering from Roaming Hunger, feeding any brainstorm session they’re hosting like it’s a five star banquet.  Click HERE to get started.
This sleek padfolio can hold the items that the recipient needs nicely, a writing pad, resumes, business cards and pen. This makes it very convenient and functional gift for your recipient to carry this portfolio around easily.
Certain products not eligible for offers or discounts (including clearance items), and such designation will appear on the product detail page. Limit one offer or discount per order. Offers and discounts will appear at last checkout screen and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Offers and discounts do not apply to gift cards or certificates, international or same-day delivery, shipping, care and handling, personalization fees, taxes, third-party hosted products (e.g. wine). Unless otherwise specified, Free Vase offers, if any, are valid for Glass Ginger Vase. Free Shipping offers, if any, are valid for standard delivery.
Ranging in price from $16.99 (Primula Pace) to $1,555 (Javakeeper’s Nitro Dispenser), a cold-brew machine is a unique corporate gift idea that’ll take your client’s favorite beverage as seriously as they do.  With a third of the acid of regular, coffee, it’s a nice way to say you’re looking out for them, too. You know, aside from the double caffeine boost.
Presenting fine wine like Whiskey is as corporate gift is a popular choice, especially if the recipient is a whiskey connoisseur. One can never go wrong with this classic gift. To make your luxury corporate gift more unique and special, do consider giving whiskey related barware items.
Of course, when it comes to customization, why stop at what they wear?  Help your client’s personality (at least as much of it as you’re currently acquainted with) extend to everything they touch by gifting them office supplies, customized however you think is best. Just keep it classy.
Might sound overly simple, but for this kind of an office, keeping a giant wall calendar is a way to bring things back to basics – namely, making sure your client doesn’t miss their next call with you due to a very important VR session.  And while you’re at it, pencil in National Eat At A Food Truck Day – chances are this is the kind of workplace that’ll appreciate that.
There are many occasions in the business world where gifts—large and small are a necessity. Candyality offers unique, carefully selected, highly indulgent, nostalgic, exclusive sweets and products to suit your needs. Let us help your business give a gift that is memorable, motivating, and delivers the message that you want to send. Whether you need distinctive gifts, or something whimsical, we offer a wide variety to fit your tastes as well as your budgets.