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Finally, customized, logo-adorned coasters will ensure your client’s office stays sparkling and stain free.  No matter how many waters their assistant offers guests.  Which is a lot, in case you forgot (they’re very professional, don’t know if we mentioned that yet).
Some of the great globe-themed selections include solar-powered spinning globes, static structures and even anti-gravity global gifts. Some even allow you to personalize the gift, including inserting your company logo.
Your female co-worker will be elated to receive these travelling beauty care essentials.  This gift contains all the products that she needs for her frequent business travel trips, including hair wash and hair conditioner.
We know your customers, clients, and colleagues are all an important part of your successful business all year long. That’s why our selection of business gifts will help you leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re looking to motivate your sales team, reward or incentivize employees, grow your business, or thank clients, Hickory Farms has the perfect gift for any occasion and every budget.
You’ll find gifts of all types for the foodies in your life. Satisfying the sweet tooth of a good friend or family member is simple with any of our delectable treats; from chocolate delights to gourmet popcorn, it’s easy to provide that jolt of sugar they crave. You can also surprise your resident chef with a variety of personalized kitchen utensils. They’ll love whipping up a new recipe while wearing a personalized kitchen apron or displaying the perfectly selected charcuterie plate on a customized cheese board.
Know someone who is mad about chocolate? Then our ”Chocolate Madness” gift basket is the sweetest way to their heart. But beware, this gift basket offers such a generous supply of indulgent treats it could push even the most die-hard chocoholic over the edge! Learn More

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Presenting fine wine like Whiskey is as corporate gift is a popular choice, especially if the recipient is a whiskey connoisseur. One can never go wrong with this classic gift. To make your luxury corporate gift more unique and special, do consider giving whiskey related barware items.
For corporate gifting that gets your client as far away from corporate as humanly possible, gift them a certificate for a private camping tour. Available through sites like Backroads and Trek America, camping excursions, both guided and solo, give them a chance to get back to nature. And back to their preferred state of sanity.
For some paperweights, you can incorporate a customized image or message to make them personal, interesting and inviting to the recipient. This exquisite corporate gift will definitely add class to the recipient’s desk, an ideal high end corporate gift idea indeed.
“The whole experience was terrific! There is nothing like coming home from work and seeing your house look and smell so great. Kelly and Jen did such a terrific job and I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work.”
A gift basket relating to a luxurious material good or high life experience can leave a lasting first impression on a prospective client, motivate an employee and even confer appreciation to your current clients.
Show your clients your appreciation by satisfying their sweet tooth. Sugarwish allows the recipient to choose their favorite types of candy to fill the gift box you give them. The candies come in quarter pound bags, giving the recipient the freedom to choose their favorites to fill each bag. The sweets come in a variety of themes, including birthday and holidays. There is also a corporate option to send to multiple clients, as well.
You’ll also be amazed by the range of tasks Fancy Hands assistants are ready to take on. Whether it’s researching a novel, tracking packages at the post office, scheduling dates with friends and even coming up with ideas for things to do with kids, these power-house assistants have done it all.
Everyone takes notes at work or needs to keep their ideas in check. Give the gift of personalized stationary with your client’s first initial at the top. The handcrafted notepad features 40 tear-away sheets printed in full color on recycled paper and bound with a natural chipboard backing, the site says.
When the holiday season arrived, I wanted to do something special for my employees, my clients and their families. I knew I wanted to send out generous gift baskets, and I wanted them to be food gift baskets, but they needed to have that air of professionalism, since they were representing my business. That’s why I used GiftTree – their business food gift baskets were perfect, and their two day delivery meant that my employees and clients would receive their gifts right on time. But the best part came with GiftTree’s personalization – I was able to add my company’s logo on to each corporate gift basket, making it truly memorable!
Tis’ the season to say “Thanks”! This attractive gift offers a world-class way to show your gratitude to all those people on your gift list who have helped make your year a little bit better! Learn More
The only problem with booking them a private massage might be trusting them to actually schedule it.  The kind of client who forgoes sleep, after all, is likely the kind of client to forgo making appointments that would be good for their sleep.  A foam roller makes for a unique corporate gift that lets them multi-task – soothe their muscles while they take a conference call with London.  Call it de-stressing while they stress.
While you’re hooking up your closest clients with cool stuff, double check your business relationships.  If you’ve got a client who never misses an episode of their favorite sitcom, find out how many degrees you’re removed from the star’s reps, and get a personalized message.  Or maybe just get it from the sitcom’s dog (subtitled, naturally).  In fact, maybe that’s a better idea to begin with.
Is retro your vice? Or have you just never met a candy that you didn’t like? Is there really truth to the old adage ”You are what you eat”? Are you crazy about sugary, sour, fluffy, chewy, colorful, crunchy, hard, licorice, dark, milk or white chocolate? Candyality is on a mission to uncover the universal connection to confections! Visit our stores or shop online to find out what your choices say about you!
Look no further for Branded Christmas Gifts & Products. Looking for corporate Christmas baubles or decorations? Maybe some branded snow globes to give to your favourite customers or employees? Whatever you need to promote your organisation in the festive season, we can probably provide it! Christmas is traditionally a time of giving, when you can thank customers or staff for their custom or work for the year. So, if you’re planning on giving this year, why not take the opportunity for to use some tasteful, well placed branded Christmas gifts as a reminder of your company? All of our products can be printed, embroidered, engraved or branded with your logo’s and marketing messages for the perfect gifts for your customers.
Add some humor to your gift giving strategy, while sticking to any budget, with funny office supplies from Knock Knock. They sell notebooks, post-its, water bottles and pretty much everything else anyone who works will appreciate…but everything they make includes a funny message that reminds everyone in the office not to take themselves too seriously.  A good humorous gift can also be a great way to build client relationships.
Take the stress out of gift giving with this Gifts Finder, perfect for helping you choose the best corporate gift items for your business. Just input what you’re looking for – whether you’re on a budget or need last-minute customized gifts – and you’ll get a personalized list of products that fit your criteria. With 100’s of corporate gift ideas to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that fits your needs, and that your recipients will love.
When you’re looking for the right business gift basket to give to employees, clients or colleagues, GiftTree is the perfect solution. Filled to the brim with a generous spread of gourmet chocolates, cheeses, wine, champagne and more, our unique corporate gift baskets are built with our hearts and hands using exclusive containers that are built to endure and look beautiful, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.
With various different variety of coffee and gourmet snacks, the recipient can enjoy endless aromatic and rich cups of coffee and the tasty food accompaniments with his family and friends during this festive season.
Here’s how it works as a gift: you pay for one of Fancy Hand’s service packages…and your client gets the gift of a finished to-do list. All they have to do is send in their list, and someone will take care of it, no matter what time of day they send the request.
We would all love to send our clients and business partners on swanky trips, giving the gift of memories that last a lifetime. Even if you can’t afford such luxuries, you can give your clients a taste of travel with a Kitchen Table Passport trial or subscription.
For a corporate gift that brings the festival itself into the office (or, more than likely, somewhere adjacent), throw your client’s company a silent disco, either as a bizarrely giddy lunch time escape, or a Happy Hour for the ages (that’ll probably last a lot longer than an hour).  Online services like Silent Events supply the office with wifi headphones and in some cases, a DJ, letting everyone get as loud as they want without disturbing the marketing firm below.
Promotional Chocolate Coins :: Christmas chocolate coins moulded with your brand design. 55mm chocolate coins moulded with your design on one or two sides. Coins can be netted with a full colour swing tag. Also available in 38mm, 75mm and 100mm sizes.
Winestyr is a service that blasts out rare and small batch wines out as monthly packages, ensuring your client’s next dinner will be accompanied with stuff that can’t be found at Trader Joe’s.  Even better, Winestyr has a dedicated corporate gift team ready to walk you through the whole process, and get specific.
Most of us haven’t started to think of Christmas time yet. It’s too early for the Christmas carols to start and the lights to be hung, but it’s never too early to start creating your shopping list. You may not need to think of what to get for family and friends yet, but sorting out your corporate Ch…
Why Bedhead? They epitomize everything that comes to mind when you picture classic pajamas. In fact, you might consider BedHead pajamas the celebrities of dreamland. They’ve popped up in episodes of Friends and recent episodes of The Mindy Project.
For therapy that’s a little more high-octane, and somehow even fancier, hook them up with a pass to the Porsche Experience.  With locations in Atlanta, LA, Birmingham and roaming, there’s a course and a car with their name on it.  It’s the kind of corporate gift that’ll get even the most corporate client out of the office – and actually loving it, for once.
Give your best clients the best of Italy! From savory to sweet, our premium gift boxes are overflowing with high-quality Italian food and drink, ready to be delivered to the doorstep of your lucky recipient.
It is the perfect luxury corporate gift to honor the recipient for their accomplishment or to thank the client or vendor for their outstanding relationship. It is definitely a timeless and sophisticated display in their office or home.  It is one of the premium presents for your corporate clients.
Help your female colleagues keep their jewelry or other items organised in a beautiful and personalised way by giving this gift! Brighten their day with this beautiful keepsake box which doubles up as an ornament at their desk or home.
Another high-octane thrill that’s just as cathartic, but a whole lot less scary is Go Karts, which not only helps your client work out their aggression, but lets them work it out on their coworkers.  It’s one thing to hit the throttle and get over the week’s stress, but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to beat the boss that caused it all to the finish line.
For “writerly” types or someone who likes to jot down stuff on pen and paper, a leather journal makes a thoughtful and expensive corporate gift. Journals are personal items, so swing for custom gold embossed personalization with their initials on the cover.
MuranoNet is the first virtual shop of Murano glass, supported by some showrooms based in the heart of the city of Venice. Murano glass is our great passion and our mission is to offer the highest quality products from granted and certified origin: in our website you’ll find carefully selected goods, handcrafted by the most skilled hands of Muranese masters. All the products in our catalogue are made in Italy.
This zip around Royce Leather Padfolio, made from genuine leather, is an excellent corporate holiday gift idea for employees or business associates.  This padfolio also has a business card pocket id window.
Everyone is leading busy and on the go life, shuttling to different places, to run errands.  Give your dear co-worker a practical gift that can help her keep her things in style while she in on the road running the errand.
From cemeteries to rooftops, outdoor movie screenings are some of the biggest summer draws in cities across the country.  Give your client a constant Saturday night out by hooking them up with passes all summer long to the screening series of their choice.  There’s even VIP options that’ll provide reserved seats, blankets, and naturally, a whole lotta wine, to ensure this is a night out they’ll just keep saying yes to.  With you to thank, naturally.
Looking for a fantastic anniversary gift? Whether you’re celebrating your first anniversary or toasting to 50 years with your one true love, offers heartfelt anniversary gifts your special someone will adore. From custom home décor to sentimental keepsakes he or she will treasure, our personalized anniversary gifts are sure to help you express your love.
One of the most popular trends to sprout up nationwide has been arcade game rental services, providing the machines of your choice, delivered straight to your office for the day. Or the week. Or however long it takes for Jim in accounting and Sarah in HR to finally beat Time Crisis 5 and get back to work. The Oculus Rift is a more intense corporate gift idea, in all the best ways.  Easily stored on the desk in the back, it opens up worlds of travel for anyone in the office, helping your client and their coworkers escape the 9-5, even as they work from 9-5.
You have to imagine the leaders of the world’s largest companies know something about corporate gifting. When Arianna Huffington, owner of the Huffington Post, needs to do some giving she looks no further than sleep…and helping people get the good stuff with the gift of cozy pajamas. We think she’s onto something.
If your co-worker likes playing golf during his free time, this is the ideal gift for him.  This real 24K gold display golf ball and gold tone (not real gold) playable golf tee is a perfect pair for him to display at his office or home, to affectionately show his love for this hobby.
Contact a Business Consultant for personalized service selecting the ideal gift for business clients, employees and associates. Our selection of gourmet corporate gifts is designed to fit any budget. From traditional holiday gifts to high-end thank you business gifts, our gourmet treats consistently get rave reviews. Guaranteed to impress, our business to business gifts are a proven favorite.