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In our all-inclusive list, you can find many corporate christmas gift ideas for your intended recipient.  During the Christmas season, it is the time to show your appreciation to your fellow corporate associate and give your best wishes.  Hence, finding a special and suitable is of utmost importance.
This sweet holiday gift contains bath pillow, shower gel and even a pair of soft terry slippers to help her unwind, while indulging in her home spa session.  This gift of abundance is packed in a re-usable gift box.
Our mission is to deliver the best corporate gifts designed and created with quality in mind. That being said, it’s more than just the quality of our promotional products that sets us apart; Blueberry Ink also ensures your success by insisting on the highest quality application of your corporate name and logo on every product we offer. Because what’s the use of having a memorable logo on a practical and stylish promotional product if the ink is going to rub off or the embroidery is going to unravel before they even make the call to your company?
Just because travel takes your client to very cold places doesn’t mean their texts should suffer.  Tech gloves are a unique corporate gift idea that’ll keep their touchscreen as warm as their fingers, with technology that eliminates the need for bare hands.  This comes in handy while trying to order an Uber in Minnesota.  In February.
Hook your overbooked client up with a gift card that’ll ease the load.  Task Rabbit’s there to run chores, fix equipment, or simply grab groceries for them, and it’s a corporate gift idea that’ll have them feeling like a full blown corporation.
Help your female colleagues keep their jewelry or other items organised in a beautiful and personalised way by giving this gift! Brighten their day with this beautiful keepsake box which doubles up as an ornament at their desk or home.
Give your fellow beer lover colleague or business client a cool piece of hanging art (with his favourite 80+ beer caps) that he can display in the office or at home, bringing him good memories of the great drinking times.
“Our customers LOVED the popcorn and I thought it was the perfect business gift.  The process for ordering and mailing was also extremely easy as well!  It was just great!” (Andrea C, Corporate Order Customer)
And instead of just a flimsy piece of paper explaining where the donation went, your clients will get a product with the number of meals their gift provided printed straight on it…so they can remember the good they’re doing every single day.
Candlesticks and votive are incredibly decorative and inviting.  These décor items give sophisticated feel to the space.  The lights create relaxing and comfortable feel, which is beneficial for the mind and body.
This cookies, almost the size of a football, and contains your one feet long customised message, makes a unique and memorable corporate holiday gift for your business associates and colleagues. The delicious vanilla cookie is dipped in flavour of your choice  – belgian chocolate or rich caramel.  This will definitely leave a great taste in your recipient’s mouth!

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Hook your client up with an Amazon Fire TV Stick to bring a world of entertainment (and functionality) to their TV, streamlining everything.  It’ll help them combine business and pleasure in a whole new way, and save them a whole lot of time in the process.
Busy men out there struggling to come up with gift ideas for the lovely women in their life should worry no longer, as we have gifts for wife and daughter that are sure to delight. Elegant jewelry collections, home décor, and gift baskets filled with pampering items will be received with elation on any occasion.
Thanks to our Corporate Gifts Online Ordering functionality, you can review our Gift Recipient List specifications to prepare your list of contacts in advance of placing your order, making the order process super fast and easy. We’re able to ship to any size group of recipients, and once you’ve sent us your list, we can handle the rest from there—from quote to shipping fulfillment! You don’t have to worry about product distribution, organizing the shipments, or dealing with the extra stress of product delivery; let us at Campbell’s handle that! We make great popcorn and know how to ship it!
The final touch to any slick ensemble is a set of clean nails.  Whether you can see them or not.  It’s the feeling that inspires confidence.  Help your client’s feelings out (so their feelings can help their confidence out) with a card for the mani/pedi of their dreams.  It’s a unique corporate gift idea that won’t just force them to be their best selves, but”ll force them to sit down and enjoy it too.
If you want to just nail the essentials, choose the Trtl neck pillow for your corporate gift.  It’s a twist on the traditional travel pillow that’s literally quite twisted, lending your neck perfect ergonomic support in any environment.  Appearance-wise it resembles a small blanket more than a pillow, and can be folded up neatly and stored flat.
Nothing says celebration like a bottle of bubbly, effervescent champagne. If you really want to make a splash and set a luxury tone with your corporate gift, consider buying a beautiful set of crystal champagne glasses or a gift basket.  This definitely makes a premium corporate gift.
Meditation Finder is essentially a massive online directory of meditation centers, classes, and professionals. You just search by keyword, meditation type, and location to return a list of resources. Again, many of the listings you get probably don’t offer gift cards, so get ready to pick up the phone—an amazing gift for your favorite client is worth it after all.
Suitable Decanter sets include those special edition ones, for example a 125 year anniversary edition Ravenscroft Crystal which includes a hand-ground crystal stopper.  Decanter set made from crystal with Irish cut is worth considering too, as the special cut exudes sophistication and luxury living.
When choosing the watch roll/case travel, be sure to choose one with high quality workmanship and good quality leather.   This will make your gift look sleek and luxurious.  Be sure to check on the quality of the inner lining (for example, ultra-suede) to ensure that the watches are well protected and check on the dividers, so that you know how many watches your recipient can bring on the go.  There are some watch roll/case travel that can keep watches accessories as well, which is a bonus for the watch lover.
To help you out, here is a list of flexible yet luxurious corporate gift ideas that will easily impress the recipient and create a lasting impression.  It will also bring fond memories whenever the recipient sees this luxury gift.
Take your client’s phone out of their hands and onto a collapsable grip, which you can even customize to their liking – either a company logo, or simply something you know they like.  They’ll think of you every time they use their phone.  Which, chances are, is far too often.
Do your clients travel a lot to meet with you, or are you privy to their constant traveling? Up the entertainment factor with a Kindle E-Reader, which can hold thousands of books in one compact, easy-to-carry device. The touchscreen reads like real paper, with a battery life expected to last weeks at a time. Now, while you may only have to purchase one or two Kindles based on your business size and clientele, if you need a bigger logistics answer, Amazon offers a corporate bulk option, as well.