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Therefore, a branded pen is a nice and practical addition to the recipient’s wardrobe, making it among the best luxury branded corporate gifts. Additionally, there are a ton of design options to choose from.
For a corporate gift that emphasizes bonding over backstabbing, sign your client’s office up for an escape room.  It’ll force the whole team to work together and solve something fun for once, which should hopefully speed things up come Monday morning, when the solving’s a whole lot less fun.
For an avid golfer, having a great game is something that they look forward to, be it which season of the year.   There are several types of golf accessories and collectibles to choose from for your high ranking executives or top notch clients.  These are also relevant gifts to be given out during a corporate golf tournament.
Wouldn’t the gift of alleviating some of that stress be pretty much the best corporate gift idea ever? We agree. That’s why the tenth item on our list is the gift of meditation—with classes or even a private instruction.
Thank your clients for their loyalty with a delicious bouquet of color, chocolate and sweet delight from Edible Arrangements. These fruit-based concoctions feature fruit in the shape of flowers, dipped in chocolate and will please any client you work with. Depending on the size of the client’s office, you can choose from a range of small arrangements to large that come with a personalized note.
Give your wine lover colleague this premium quality and extra big and unique wine glass (that can hold three times more than the regular size wine glass) to give him three times more Christmas greeting!

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For this client, a dog is more than an office perk – it’s a coworker.  All in one muse, stress relief and moral support, it’s there to make things easier for them, and therefor a whole lot easier for you.  Reward the both of them with a customized dog collar.  You’ll be the on your client’s mind every time they take their best friend out for a walk.  Which, as associations go, is pretty tough to beat.
If you want go more low-key, start by cleaning off the one thing your client probably touches more than anything else.  PhoneSoap is a device that sanitizes your phone as you charge it, using UV light to clean off whatever your client’s fingers tracked onto it.  It’s just the kind of corporate gift idea they never knew they needed, which in the health world, is something akin to gifting them a unicorn.  
Purchasing Corporate Promotional Gifts in bulk will save you money, which everyone on a budget loves. We offer thousands of potential custom gifts, from personalized bags and mouse pads to customized pens, shirts, and folders (along with additional office supplies.) Customizing the gift items allows you to add your own logo or company slogan, which helps to increase brand recognition and popularity for those who are using the products and displaying your company’s branding frequently.
MuranoNet is the first virtual shop of Murano glass, supported by some showrooms based in the heart of the city of Venice. Murano glass is our great passion and our mission is to offer the highest quality products from granted and certified origin: in our website you’ll find carefully selected goods, handcrafted by the most skilled hands of Muranese masters. All the products in our catalogue are made in Italy.
S’well’s mission is to replace plastic bottles across the world with a sleek, sustainable alternative. Customize your bottles for corporate gifting by tailoring the finish to your client’s individual tastes, not to mention finishing it off with their company logo.
Of course, chances are your client’s gonna go to yoga anyway.  Just because it’s easier for them than not going to yoga.  Make their next class a whole lot classier with a yoga mat they’re gonna wanna clutch onto with every finger pad.  Customize the material, the design and even the length until it’s perfect for them.  And perfect for whatever moves they’re looking to bust out.
To go the extra mile, consider a subscription to BarkBox, which compiles a handy, practical collection of treats and toys for your pet month by a month.  It’s a unique corporate gift with heart, that’ll remind your client every 30 days that you’re pretty awesome.  Somehow your client’s dog will probably get the message too.
“Awesome Product This is the first time I have used this company and I was very impressed! With all the ordering we do, that is not an easy task to do. We used these blankets to send as x-mas gifts to our clients and they were exactly what I was looking for. They are the perfect size and material, very soft. I would definitely recommend this product and this company to anyone looking for affordable promotional items.”
Look no further for Branded Christmas Gifts & Products. Looking for corporate Christmas baubles or decorations? Maybe some branded snow globes to give to your favourite customers or employees? Whatever you need to promote your organisation in the festive season, we can probably provide it! Christmas is traditionally a time of giving, when you can thank customers or staff for their custom or work for the year. So, if you’re planning on giving this year, why not take the opportunity for to use some tasteful, well placed branded Christmas gifts as a reminder of your company? All of our products can be printed, embroidered, engraved or branded with your logo’s and marketing messages for the perfect gifts for your customers.
This new Holiday Gift Basket is a favorite around here! It is simply a gorgeous gift filled with a host of scrumptious and hard to find gourmet treats for the holidays! It would make a great gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, a birthday, or pretty much any occasion. Learn More
Specifically of your client’s boss, the one who really doesn’t like bobble heads.  To be clear, this is a corporate gift for the rest of the office, really. Because they’ll be the ones demanding it’s the first thing in sight when their boss walks into the office every day.
You can also rest assured that even your most altruistic clients will be pleased. FEED’s products follow strict fair-labor conditions, they use environmentally friendly materials, and they even have a bag line that supports artisans in developing countries.
Flowers and Bonsai make the perfect corporate gift because everyone can appreciate the accent fresh flowers and bonsai bring to a room or office. High end flowers and bonsai with exquisite packaging makes a perfect luxury corporate gift idea or retirement gift idea for ladies.
Just because travel takes your client to very cold places doesn’t mean their texts should suffer.  Tech gloves are a unique corporate gift idea that’ll keep their touchscreen as warm as their fingers, with technology that eliminates the need for bare hands.  This comes in handy while trying to order an Uber in Minnesota.  In February.
To grab your client the same energy (with only a small fraction of the pain), hook them up with a B-12 or B-complex shot that’ll keep them humming for at least a solid week.  Time it up for a week when you guys are working together, and you’ll be helping your own productivity too.  It’s the gift that gives back.
We know you’re tired of sending gifts destined for the dusty corners of your client’s office, so we’ve scoured the internet to come up with a list of gender-neutral gifting ideas with enough originality and thoughtfulness to wow your clients and partners. When they thank you for the gifts below, they’ll also thank you for not subjecting them to another cookie tower.
Thanks to the friendship that bonds us to some of the best glassmakers in Murano and Venice, we can deliver a better service tailored around your needs: find out which is the most suitable item for you among our wide range, and contact us and we will be pleased to customize it according to your needs, recreate it applying your logo and using your corporate colors, study the conditions that better fit your requirements.
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