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Busy men out there struggling to come up with gift ideas for the lovely women in their life should worry no longer, as we have gifts for wife and daughter that are sure to delight. Elegant jewelry collections, home décor, and gift baskets filled with pampering items will be received with elation on any occasion.
Your female co-worker will be elated to receive these travelling beauty care essentials.  This gift contains all the products that she needs for her frequent business travel trips, including hair wash and hair conditioner.
Campbell’s gourmet gifts are great for any occasion, and now with our Corporate Gifts Online Ordering, placing your large order is easier than ever! Whether it’s 20 or 200 gifts, Campbell’s can assist you: we specialize in corporate orders of all sizes and can handle just about any volume of products to meet your holiday & general-gifting needs! Discounts are available for large-quantity orders, and also for ordering ahead of the holiday rush!
Reward loyal customers, important business colleagues or your own staff’s achievements with corporate branded gifts from Regency Hampers. Our range of inspirational corporate gift ideas is suitable for every occasion – whether as gift rewards for individuals’ promotions or hard work, maintaining customer retention with corporate gifts for clients or branded gifts for the whole staff team.
Once you have the letter down, it’s up to you if you want to supplement it with a gift card. But be sure to make your choice as thoughtful as your letter, centering it around your client’s specific interests. Try an Uber gift card for the traveler, Amazon for the reader, and maybe REI for the explorer. You can even explain the choice in your letter!
Tis’ the season to say “Thanks”! This attractive gift offers a world-class way to show your gratitude to all those people on your gift list who have helped make your year a little bit better! Learn More
There isn’t a neat, pre-packaged version of this gift, so you’ll need to do your research and maybe even put in a few calls to make sure it works. Luckily, a tool like Meditation Finder will make this research easy.
Finally, when all the planets align and your client finds the free time to….you know, actually leave their home office, give them a corporate gift that ditches the “corporate” altogether.  A pass to a blow dry bar will get them perfectly styled for a night on the town, looking their best so they can take advantage of their well-won freedom.  There’s no telling when they’ll be so lucky again.
These 24 beauty products include hand cream, eu de toilette, soap, shampoo gel etc,in travel and sample sizes, which make it convenient for your frequent traveller co-worker to bring them along for their business trips or beauty junkie colleague to try out new stuff. These products, which come with beauty illustrations, can help nourish her face and skin, keeping her skin hydrated and also make her look and feel refreshed.
Graduation is a milestone in every student’s life, whether they’re receiving their high school diploma or Bachelor’s degree. Congratulate a special grad with custom graduation gifts and let them know how proud you are of their accomplishments. offers a variety of graduation gifts for her and him sure to mark the occasion with an extra dose of celebration. Whether you’re in search of college graduation gifts or high school graduation gifts, the grad you love is sure to appreciate one of our custom graduation gifts.
Small promotional gifts costing less than £50 are tax deductible but only if they are clearly branded. Corporate gifts that are non-promotional gifts are classed as entertaining by the HMRC therefore non tax deductible.
“Our customers LOVED the popcorn and I thought it was the perfect business gift.  The process for ordering and mailing was also extremely easy as well!  It was just great!” (Andrea C, Corporate Order Customer)
Or for a corporate gift idea that’s perfectly in-between, wine and paint nights are a great way to get the whole team not just drinking together, but talking to each other with a constant ice breaker in front of all of you.  No more awkward office party vibes.  Well, I guess we can’t guarantee that, but you’re gonna have to try a whole lot harder to make it awkward, all right?
The BBQ tools are kept in storage case made of solid wood, which is personalised with his name and a title of your choice.  This gift is useful and efficient during holiday season, when he will be cooking tasty grills for his friends and family.
Unfortunately, you can’t give people more time. If you could, no other gifts would stand a chance. The next best thing you can do is consider a gift that saves people time, like a gift certificate for a cleaning service in your area through a company like Molly Maid.  With something as helpful as this, you might just get a thank-you call instead of just a thank-you note.
Looking for a fantastic anniversary gift? Whether you’re celebrating your first anniversary or toasting to 50 years with your one true love, offers heartfelt anniversary gifts your special someone will adore. From custom home décor to sentimental keepsakes he or she will treasure, our personalized anniversary gifts are sure to help you express your love.
Ranging in price from $69 (Houzz) to $320 (AeroGarden Elite), these tiny harvesters are a unique corporate gift that’ll give your client access to their favorite plants and herbs all year round, all from the comfort of their office’s break room.  It’s a fresh way to say thanks that’ll stay fresh all year round, rain or shine.
Wine is always a good standby gift for business clients, but why give a standard bottle when you can give one with a beautiful, occasion-appropriate design on the label? Speak Wines offers a variety of award-winning Argentinian wines in artfully designed bottles that “speak” to every occasion. Each bottle costs $25, and the company offers free shipping on corporate orders.

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Employees are the backbone of your company. Appreciate their hard work by sending a great corporate holiday gift hampers to their doorstep in USA. Without clients, there is no business. So don’t forget them. Order high quality & premium business gift baskets for them for showing the gratefulness you have for them. Our gifts come in every budget. We provide customization as per your request on every product. Buy Stuffed animals for animal lovers.
If your colleague has a sweet tooth, this candy bouquet may be the perfect gift for her. This gift comes in a vase (made from Hershey chocolates) and attractive ribbon, which makes gifting much easier.
When your clients see how happy the snacks make their employees and how much time they’re not wasting on snack runs, they’ll have you to thank. And since snack time is pretty much a daily occurrence, they’ll be thinking of you fondly nearly every single day.
Corporate gift services for holiday business gifts and holiday gift towers designed to make a great impression on clients, colleagues and employees or suppliers. They also make a great holiday office staff gifts or staff gifts for holiday luncheon parties.
Show your clients your appreciation by satisfying their sweet tooth. Sugarwish allows the recipient to choose their favorite types of candy to fill the gift box you give them. The candies come in quarter pound bags, giving the recipient the freedom to choose their favorites to fill each bag. The sweets come in a variety of themes, including birthday and holidays. There is also a corporate option to send to multiple clients, as well.
Made of durable cotton canvas and with a comfortable handle for easy carrying, she can enjoy her gardening with all the handy tools in one place.  There are ample external and interior pockets for her to keep her tools, seeds and so on.
It’s so cool to see that there are so many different ideas that could be used for corporate gifts. I had no idea that there were so many and I know that employees could benefit from all of these gifts. I like the idea of a fitness gift and the habit changing benefits that it can bring.
At this point in your business, you have already determined that branding is one of the most important aspects of growing your business. In a recent study done by the University of Loyola, Maryland, choosing the right color for your brand can increase sales and ideas more effectively by 50 to 85 percent. Read More
With the bold and humorous “”Don’t touch my snacks..don’t even think about it!” clearly statement printed on the jar, your recipient can have his snacks displayed in an interesting manner at his office desk.
Available through organizations like the Sustainable Food Center in Austin and Haven’s Kitchen in NYC, there’s a new wave of cooking classes teaching you not only how to make dinner, but how to source it responsibly.  Gift it to your client and you’ll be feeding their mind as much as their stomach.  Not to mention doing your part to ensure it’s a gift your grandkids can also give.
What is a party or celebration without booze! Give your beer lover colleague this beer making kit.  This gift does not only give him an enjoyable experience brewing his own beer, his family members and guests can also enjoy yummy high-quality, craft-brewed beer during this festive season.
Ranging in price from $16.99 (Primula Pace) to $1,555 (Javakeeper’s Nitro Dispenser), a cold-brew machine is a unique corporate gift idea that’ll take your client’s favorite beverage as seriously as they do.  With a third of the acid of regular, coffee, it’s a nice way to say you’re looking out for them, too. You know, aside from the double caffeine boost.

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