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If your fun-loving client is a little more on the rustic end of the outdoorsy spectrum (or at least likes playing it for a day) hook them up with an hour on a shooting range.  For the right company, it’s a little bit of therapy that goes a whole lot further than facials and pedicures.
You can add a personal touch to this luxury corporate gift by personalizing the pen.  You can include the recipient’s name and a personal message on the pen. All in all, pens will add a touch of sophistication and elegance on their desk.
Besides aiding in keeping the office tidy, luxurious paperweights, for example the crystal collectibles, can also add a touch of elegance in the office.  The paperweights vary in designs, textures and even colors.
To accompany the snacks, why not fix your client’s entire water supply while you’re at it.  With a simple filter, either for the office, or just attached to a modified water bottle, you can kick up the hydration, oxidation, and overall cleansing power of the water your client drinks daily.  It’s one corporate gift the whole company will be happy to absorb.  
When you’re looking for the right business gift basket to give to employees, clients or colleagues, GiftTree is the perfect solution. Filled to the brim with a generous spread of gourmet chocolates, cheeses, wine, champagne and more, our unique corporate gift baskets are built with our hearts and hands using exclusive containers that are built to endure and look beautiful, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.
The recipient will adore this luxury corporate gift, which is a wonderful and chic addition to his home or workspace.  You can even add a special touch to this gift by choosing those clocks that you can include your personal message.
Creating close-knit business relationships is no doubt a vital aspect of success in any organization.  Certainly, sending out gifts is one of the best ways to create a good rapport with your partners, colleagues, and clients in the business world.
“Useful and Wanted!! We give away gifts to our members, and this mouse pad was a great way to advertise our logo and is something that is useful and wanted!! You never really go out and buy yourself a mouse pad, you wait to get one that you like, and this one is a winner not only because of the appearance, but because it can be used with roller ball and electronic mice!! Thanks again!!”
There are many occasions in the business world where gifts—large and small are a necessity. Candyality offers unique, carefully selected, highly indulgent, nostalgic, exclusive sweets and products to suit your needs. Let us help your business give a gift that is memorable, motivating, and delivers the message that you want to send. Whether you need distinctive gifts, or something whimsical, we offer a wide variety to fit your tastes as well as your budgets.
Stock up on your favorite Italian staples with our bulk order solutions. From classics such as pasta, high-quality extra virgin olive oil, specialty Italian chocolates, and more, we’re also able to ship products in bulk for that special event.
SnackNation delivers delicious, healthy snacks to offices all around the country, and makes a perfect corporate gift for anyone looking to fuel your client up the right way Monday through Friday.  So they can do….well, whatever Saturday and Sunday.
Technology continuously opens doors for incredible products to keep everyone entertained, the da Vinci 3D pen is no exception. Give the gift of creation with a device that can create 3D printed objects without the need of computers or design software. The pen comes with 11 color filaments, which are biodegradable, non-toxic made from organic materials. Dazzle clients with this inventive and memorable gift.
For a corporate gift that emphasizes bonding over backstabbing, sign your client’s office up for an escape room.  It’ll force the whole team to work together and solve something fun for once, which should hopefully speed things up come Monday morning, when the solving’s a whole lot less fun.
Everyone appreciates a gift no matter what time of year. When you choose the best corporate gifts of 2018, you’re guaranteed great exposure because people will show these wonderful presents to their friends and families. From Valentine’s Day all the way to the following New Years, holidays help to fill the year with fun and happiness. Now you can share your own joy with everyone just by choosing the best 2018 promotional products.
Printed corporate gifts are usually reserved for executives when the company representative is meeting with someone from another company. They are also given out to clients who have been with the company for a long time and are a valued client.
Here’s how it works as a gift: you pay for one of Fancy Hand’s service packages…and your client gets the gift of a finished to-do list. All they have to do is send in their list, and someone will take care of it, no matter what time of day they send the request.
S’well’s mission is to replace plastic bottles across the world with a sleek, sustainable alternative. Customize your bottles for corporate gifting by tailoring the finish to your client’s individual tastes, not to mention finishing it off with their company logo.
This zip around Royce Leather Padfolio, made from genuine leather, is an excellent corporate holiday gift idea for employees or business associates.  This padfolio also has a business card pocket id window.
Give your wine lover colleague this premium quality and extra big and unique wine glass (that can hold three times more than the regular size wine glass) to give him three times more Christmas greeting!
The kind of order you would place using our Corporate Gifts Online Ordering functionality could be defined as any order that has the same (or similar) gifts to be sent to different addresses all at once. For example, if you really like our Gourmet Popcorn Tins, but don’t want to use our Online Shop to order because you have 100+ recipients, using our Corporate Gifts Online Ordering will get your order details directly to the Corporate Order experts at Campbell’s! Whether you’ve reviewed our shop to make your selection in advance, or are completely undecided on the product, we’ll work with your needs wherever you’re at in the process!
The corporate world is full of gifts that don’t stand out, which means they’re often easily tossed aside and forgotten. Don’t let your next gift fall victim to the same fate. By sharing EHChocolatier’s sophisticated sweets with your valued business clients, associates and employees, you’re sure to make a lasting impression.
For “writerly” types or someone who likes to jot down stuff on pen and paper, a leather journal makes a thoughtful and expensive corporate gift. Journals are personal items, so swing for custom gold embossed personalization with their initials on the cover.
“My co-worker is in the hospital after a bad car accident. Can you call the gift shop there and ask them if they sell fun things to do to pass the time that they could send in a gift basket type of thing to him? Crossword puzzles, trashy magazines, stuff like that. I’d like to spend about $50. If they don’t do that sort of thing, please find a place that can.”
With this service, you can choose from a variety of different gift boxes that are designed to give the recipient a special taste of a faraway place with information, photos and even foods from different locales.

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In light of the above differences, there are clearly different purposes served by the two types of gifts and striking the right balance between the two makes for a great marketing strategy. At Anges de Sucre we offer various gifts to suit your gifting needs and work closely with our corporate clients to create their perfect corporate and promotional gifts that will ensure making a good lasting impression! Get in touch for more info and ideas. 
When the holiday munchies strike, make sure your clients are covered with a beautiful box of assorted gourmet snacks. This classic Harry & David box includes smoked sausage, aged cheddar cheese and honey hot mustard to be enjoyed with three-seed crackers, along with mixed nuts and Moose Munch. If this package won’t tantalize your clients’ taste buds, other boxes are available with different snack selections.
Wine is always a good standby gift for business clients, but why give a standard bottle when you can give one with a beautiful, occasion-appropriate design on the label? Speak Wines offers a variety of award-winning Argentinian wines in artfully designed bottles that “speak” to every occasion. Each bottle costs $25, and the company offers free shipping on corporate orders.
One of the most popular trends to sprout up nationwide has been arcade game rental services, providing the machines of your choice, delivered straight to your office for the day. Or the week. Or however long it takes for Jim in accounting and Sarah in HR to finally beat Time Crisis 5 and get back to work. The Oculus Rift is a more intense corporate gift idea, in all the best ways.  Easily stored on the desk in the back, it opens up worlds of travel for anyone in the office, helping your client and their coworkers escape the 9-5, even as they work from 9-5.
In case you haven’t heard, a Himalayan salt lamp is a corporate gift that boosts serotonin, calms nerves and boosts blood flow, through a natural release of negative salt ions.  And considering how cheap they are, it’s one trend that’s taken off like wildfire.  But considering the low risk/high reward of its alleged benefits, it’s one gift that’ll be appreciated regardless.
Browse our gift collections by occasion, price, or personality to make your online gifts shopping experience more streamlined than ever before. Take the stress and frustration out of shopping for any upcoming holiday without battling the crowds, and find gifts your loved ones will treasure for years to come on
For the client that’s not only a trend-seeker but an open-minded trend-seeker (not to mention one that lives in the right state), gourmet cannabis dinners have been sweeping the national spotlight, and adding a brand new layer to coursed dinner escapes.  Heck, join your client and the two of you can bond in a whole new way.  Just make sure you’re in a good place, emotionally and all.
Whatever your client’s favorite sport, snag tickets for the minor league version and go with the whole office. Because here’s the secret: that’s where you can still have fun as a group. No insane parking wars, no cattle-herding “walking” in. Not to mention you’ll save a bunch of money on tickets (and spend it on scoring your client the first pitch instead, you know, if they’re really family).
Chenille Blanket. “Awesome product. This is the first time I have used this company and I was very impressed! With all the ordering we do, that is not an easy task to do. We used these blankets to send as Christmas gifts to our clients and they were exactly what I was looking for. They are the perfect size and material, very soft. I would definitely recommend this product and this company to anyone looking for affordable promotional items.”
Graduation is a milestone in every student’s life, whether they’re receiving their high school diploma or Bachelor’s degree. Congratulate a special grad with custom graduation gifts and let them know how proud you are of their accomplishments. offers a variety of graduation gifts for her and him sure to mark the occasion with an extra dose of celebration. Whether you’re in search of college graduation gifts or high school graduation gifts, the grad you love is sure to appreciate one of our custom graduation gifts.
With over 65 years of experience, Staples prides itself as the top promotional products distributor in North America. What started in 1946 as two small businesses, K-Products with their logoed hats and Nat Nast Company with their bowling shirts, has evolved into the well-known Staples brand that sources thousands of products to thousands of customers every year.

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