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For some paperweights, you can incorporate a customized image or message to make them personal, interesting and inviting to the recipient. This exquisite corporate gift will definitely add class to the recipient’s desk, an ideal high end corporate gift idea indeed.
Thanks to our Corporate Gifts Online Ordering functionality, you can review our Gift Recipient List specifications to prepare your list of contacts in advance of placing your order, making the order process super fast and easy. We’re able to ship to any size group of recipients, and once you’ve sent us your list, we can handle the rest from there—from quote to shipping fulfillment! You don’t have to worry about product distribution, organizing the shipments, or dealing with the extra stress of product delivery; let us at Campbell’s handle that! We make great popcorn and know how to ship it!
Naturally, your client rides a bike to work as often as possible.  Make their commute a whole lot smoother by upgrading their transport.  An electric bike wheel enhances distance and speed, and’ll save them valuable time.  Time they can spend saving the planet.  So eventually, you both win.
From kegerators to conversion kits to drip trays, hook your beer-loving client up with a way to get their favorite drafts on demand, without ever leaving the home office.  It’s a unique corporate gift that’ll kick up any meetings they’ve got scheduled til they resemble private happy hours.  And if you’re smart, you’ll make sure you’re invited to one.
To help you out, here is a list of flexible yet luxurious corporate gift ideas that will easily impress the recipient and create a lasting impression.  It will also bring fond memories whenever the recipient sees this luxury gift.
This zip around Royce Leather Padfolio, made from genuine leather, is an excellent corporate holiday gift idea for employees or business associates.  This padfolio also has a business card pocket id window.

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Our company, Staples Promotional Products, has headquarters in Overland Park, KS; Orange City, IA; St. Louis, MO; and Maumee, OH. Additionally, our associates span the globe, including Canada and Europe, and work together to provide creative brand solutions for businesses large and small.
We have business gift baskets you can send to individuals, or larger sized client gifts that are perfect for office sharing. Some of our gifts are even customizable with your company’s logo and a personal message for an extra special touch. And business gifting with Hickory Farms helps take a lot of the guesswork out of the process for you. Our dedicated gifting consultants will work with you to select the perfect gifts, and get them ordered to arrive just in time, so you can focus on your business and clients.
Give your fellow beer lover colleague or business client a cool piece of hanging art (with his favourite 80+ beer caps) that he can display in the office or at home, bringing him good memories of the great drinking times.
If you’re clients racking up weekly airport hours, give them an oasis to run to and buy them a year membership to the airline lounge of their choice. It’s a corporate gift idea that’ll have them thinking of you as they lounge for hours during their layover, instead of sitting against a wall hugging the only free outlet.
Our mission is to deliver the best corporate gifts designed and created with quality in mind. That being said, it’s more than just the quality of our promotional products that sets us apart; Blueberry Ink also ensures your success by insisting on the highest quality application of your corporate name and logo on every product we offer. Because what’s the use of having a memorable logo on a practical and stylish promotional product if the ink is going to rub off or the embroidery is going to unravel before they even make the call to your company?
Whatever your client’s favorite sport, snag tickets for the minor league version and go with the whole office. Because here’s the secret: that’s where you can still have fun as a group. No insane parking wars, no cattle-herding “walking” in. Not to mention you’ll save a bunch of money on tickets (and spend it on scoring your client the first pitch instead, you know, if they’re really family).
Gaiam’s Balance Ball Chair is a more direct way to work on your posture – along with your entire core.  Get your client into shape while they get their work into shape.  It’s the rare multitasking that’s actually good for you.  Which makes it the perfect corporate gift for your health guru in training.
Extend your values of hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence to your corporate gifts when you select our fresh, beautiful confections. We made each one by hand from the very best ingredients so your gift will stand out from the crowd.
Technology continuously opens doors for incredible products to keep everyone entertained, the da Vinci 3D pen is no exception. Give the gift of creation with a device that can create 3D printed objects without the need of computers or design software. The pen comes with 11 color filaments, which are biodegradable, non-toxic made from organic materials. Dazzle clients with this inventive and memorable gift.
For times when your client has to take errands into their own hands, but can’t be weighed down by parking, hook them up with Lyft credits.  It’s the kind of corporate gift that’s more practical than flashy, but when you work alone, practicality beats flashy any day.
Help your female colleagues keep their jewelry or other items organised in a beautiful and personalised way by giving this gift! Brighten their day with this beautiful keepsake box which doubles up as an ornament at their desk or home.
Therefore, a branded pen is a nice and practical addition to the recipient’s wardrobe, making it among the best luxury branded corporate gifts. Additionally, there are a ton of design options to choose from.
Of course, if you just want a corporate gift that sticks to the important things, grab a portable charger.  From cases to add-ons, there are countless ways for your client to stay charged on the go, and having more is always better than having less.
We know you’re tired of sending gifts destined for the dusty corners of your client’s office, so we’ve scoured the internet to come up with a list of gender-neutral gifting ideas with enough originality and thoughtfulness to wow your clients and partners. When they thank you for the gifts below, they’ll also thank you for not subjecting them to another cookie tower.
If your colleague has a sweet tooth, this candy bouquet may be the perfect gift for her. This gift comes in a vase (made from Hershey chocolates) and attractive ribbon, which makes gifting much easier.
Featured on Shark Tank, BetterBack is a next-level back brace that improves your posture after just 15 minutes a day.  It’s a unique corporate gift that’ll have your client feeling a whole lot more corporate in meetings; projecting confidence that seemingly came from the ether (but specifically came from you).
Thanks to the friendship that bonds us to some of the best glassmakers in Murano and Venice, we can deliver a better service tailored around your needs: find out which is the most suitable item for you among our wide range, and contact us and we will be pleased to customize it according to your needs, recreate it applying your logo and using your corporate colors, study the conditions that better fit your requirements.
Promotional Chocolate Coins :: Christmas chocolate coins moulded with your brand design. 55mm chocolate coins moulded with your design on one or two sides. Coins can be netted with a full colour swing tag. Also available in 38mm, 75mm and 100mm sizes.
FEED offers a wide range of projects suitable for every budget, even if you need to purchase a large volume of gifts. For example, you can give a tote bag that provides 100 school meals to children all over the world, a scarf that feeds 10 children, or even an apron that gives 14 meals to hungry families in America.

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