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Dealing with a death can be hard and often times we’re unsure of what to do or say. However, there are a variety of ways to comfort a loved one, friend, or associate who is grieving. You should always send a card with a message at the very least or pair your card with a sympathy gift.
Sourcing flowers directly from the flower farms allows florists to secure large quantities of flowers at a prearranged price. This is good for special days, like Valentines and Mothers day, when flowers are in demand and price at the auction can be extremely high in case of poor weather conditions. Roses and Blooms is New York’s local, family owned and operated florist, that sources its flowers directly from the farms. This allows them to pick unique and extraordinary blooms for their shop. Their mantra is no middle man, no problem.
Colombia is the largest flower cultivator for the US flower market, claiming 70 percent of the industry. According to, “If you buy a bouquet in a supermarket, big-box store or airport kiosk, it probably came from the Bogotá savanna.” That also held true for our online flower deliveries — many of our ordered bouquets came marked with a sticker or stamp that said, “Product of Colombia.” (Others arrived unmarked, with no indication of origin.) Just a 3-hour flight from Miami, Colombia has the perfect climate for year-round flower growth and farming, and annually ships more than $1 billion in blossoms.
Growing your own flowers may look like a crazy idea, but it works for several UK based florists. For example, the garden gate flower company is famous for growing their own flowers. Though this business model has its own drawbacks like the inability to source flowers out of season and long quiet times. This company overcomes those issues using their entrepreneurial spirit: bridal consultations, blogging, tutoring and by being ready to take an opportunity when such arises. If you want to learn more about them check out their blog.
In our search for the best flower delivery service, we bought fresh flowers from each vendor, along with bouquets from vendors that did not make it into our final comparison. We noted if the flowers were delivered on time, observed their appearance upon arrival and then determined which stayed the freshest over time. We compared the services accordingly.
Last but not the least the wholesales. If you are based in London there are several options you can chose from. You can go for an online wholesaler which can provide a great range of flowers at your fingertips, day or night. But it is not the same experience as picking flowers yourself.
If sustaining local florists is important to you, Teleflora only uses local florists across the country and still scored high in our freshness grade test. It’s our top pick for best local flower delivery, and it also specializes in Flowers in a Gift, which means the recipient gets a keepsake vase or other container along with the blossoms.
It may mean ruining the surprise, but if you’re sending flowers to someone, make sure the recipient will actually be present at the address where you’re sending them. With the majority of online flower delivery companies, you can authorize the delivery person to leave the flowers at the recipient’s address, but, during testing, we realized that our writer lived in a Chicago house with a locked front gate, and she needed to be home for the flowers to be delivered. When she asked several delivery companies what she should do about the front gate, they stated that they do their best to leave the flowers inside locked gates, but if there is no access, the flowers simply can’t be delivered.
Answer: Yes, it is okay to send a gift to a friend if you didn’t know the deceased. If a friend is grieving but you don’t know the deceased, it is still necessary to send a sympathy card or gift. It’s important to acknowledge a friend’s loss even if you didn’t know the deceased personally.
Consider having your arrangement arrive a few days before a major holiday. You could save some additional money. Delivery costs escalate in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, as they probably will around Mother’s Day.
In a perfect world, our top picks would be Fair Trade Certified, sustainably harvested and organically grown — but we found that these standards often mean florists are unable to offer more typical guarantees, like same-day delivery or 100% customer satisfaction. We didn’t make sustainability a requirement, but if this consideration is important to you, check out our tips on how to find responsibly grown and harvested flowers, and consider ordering from The Bouqs Co.
KaBloom is a floral delivery company based in Massachusetts, with franchise store locations throughout the United States. and an online store, Established in 1998, KaBloom offers contemporary and traditional floral arrangements, bouquets and gifts. KaBloom partners with floral farmers around the world to provide freshly cut, seasonal varieties with a week-long freshness guarantee.
Information in this guide is general in nature and is intended for informational purposes only; it is not legal, health, investment or tax advice. makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information provided and assumes no liability for any damages or loss arising from its use.
FTD has been in the floral industry since 1910. Consumers can order fresh flowers and other gifts on the company’s website. Fresh flowers may either be delivered by a florist or by a shipping company like UPS.
The lily is the flower most commonly associated with funeral services as they symbolize the innocence that has been restored to the soul of the departed. The white lily expresses majesty and purity, where as white stargazer lilies specifically symbolize sympathy.
Shipping procedures: Most flowers will be grown in warm climates and shipped many miles before arriving at the flower shop or being delivered to the recipient. If you order flowers that will be delivered by a shipping company instead of a florist, make sure the company will either refrigerate them and/or ship them in an insulated box.
A bouquet is more than just a bunch of cut stems. For many, sending flowers is shorthand for, “I love and care about you!” That is, unless those flowers don’t arrive. Or they arrive wilted, or dead, or in a box with no water and no vase at noon in Phoenix when the recipient isn’t home.
Flowerbud is our top pick for value because all orders include free overnight shipping within the continental U.S. not only offers farm-fresh blossoms, but deals only in American-grown flowers.
Flowers and plants are commonly sent to show you’re thinking of someone during a time of grief. Sympathy flowers can be sent directly to a particular recipient, while funeral flowers can be sent to a funeral home.
Wesley Berry Flowers. In both Seattle and Chicago, the bouquets were sent unarranged, with no vase, and the ends of the roses weren’t kept wet. There also wasn’t any greenery whatsoever; it was literally just 12 rapidly drying roses in a box, and Seattle’s were already a little wilted. Wesley Berry’s website also got the worst score — it had annoying pop-ups; it refused to show us the shipping charges; and, at the end of the transaction, we found a tiny “donation” box pre-checked that would have charged us an additional $4 had we not caught it. These roses had the distinction of being the first roses we had to throw out — a mere three days after receiving them. Not recommended.
Ask your mom about the flowers sent. (She may not want to complain to you, or she may just be glad you thought of her.) But if you suspect there was a problem with the bouquet, ask for a photo. Call the company you ordered them from to complain if you or your mother is dissatisfied with a delivery. All three companies we ordered from will replace your flowers or refund your money if you’re not satisfied. All three also provide the same options if their flowers don’t last for seven days.
We picked firms that offer you a wide variety of products, services and community-related features. As a customer, you deserve services that deliver a first-class experience for all your floral and gift needs, as well as other factors that contribute to a good online flower delivery service.
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Send comfort food. Most individuals who are grieving cook less during this time so sending along a hot meal to help alleviate their stress of cooking is a thoughtful idea. If an entire family is grieving, you can let your loved one know that you’ll be stopping by to drop off enough food for the entire household in advance.
That said, it did eliminate a few contenders that we’d initially been excited to work with, most notably Farmgirl Flowers, which offers US-grown, local arrangements delivered by bike or scooter (cute!). Demanding same-day delivery also cut out One World Flowers, a licensed importer and distributor of Fair Trade Certified flowers.
FTD was also the hands-down total dominator in customer service. When we called to file a (fake) claim about a missing bouquet, someone answered in under 20 seconds at 12:30 AM on a Sunday night. She was apologetic, kind, and offered us a refund or a store credit immediately upon hearing the problem. Why is this worth noting?
Orchids say “I will always love you”. When giving an orchid plant as a gesture of sympathy, it is important to give consideration to color. Pink and white are traditional colors of sympathy. Varieties such as the phalaenopsis orchid and dendrobium orchid are suggested by florists as appropriate plants to denote sympathy.
Organic flowers are harder to come by, as pesticides and chemical treatments are often used to protect and preserve the flowers. is an option but once again, it didn’t pass our satisfaction guarantee criteria. You can also try your luck locally: Neighborhood markets or stores like WholeFoods sometimes offer organic arrangements.
A flower auction is a place where beauty meets business. For example, The Aalsmeer Flower Auction is commonly called by its visitors as the biggest commercial building and it is no surprise with its busy traffic and auction halls which supply around 21 million flowers a day to the flower hungry markets all over the world. This auction concentrates around 50 % of the total Dutch flower and plant traffic and the rest is controlled by another five Holland’s auctioneers. I can’t describe this industry better than this video made by FloraHolland, see bellow.
You can also order from your phone.With the exception of FTD, all of our top picks have mobile apps for on-the-go ordering. You may find fewer bouquet options, but the apps often have exclusive coupons and will allow you to import recipients from your list of contacts.
Founded in 1998, KaBloom offers floral arrangements, shipped fresh nationwide. The bouquets are delivered in their patented technology, which seals the stems in water to improve the quality and guarantee freshness for seven days.

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Flowers are a popular way to express love, gratitude, sympathy and a wide variety of other sentiments, so it isn’t surprising that they generate nearly $35 billion a year in business revenue. Flower delivery services are an important part of the flower industry, allowing you to let someone know you’re thinking of them even if you’re far away or if fresh flowers aren’t blooming where you live.
Some level of customer service. We thought our standards were pretty basic: customer phone support, a human being instead of an automated message, and no more than three minutes of hold time. We also wanted to be offered a refund or credit if we had any issues. (As it turns out, this was shooting for the moon.)
Temperature control: To be their freshest, flowers should be shipped in a cool environment, and many flower delivery companies also offer food items, like chocolate or cookies. Ask about refrigeration during shipping to make sure your gift arrives in its intended condition.
Locally sourced: Locally-sourced blooms tend to be fresher, smell sweeter and last longer than flowers shipped thousands of miles because they’re more likely to arrive soon after they’ve been cut. If you live in a warm climate, look for a florist that sources its flowers from a local grower.
The bouquet from Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD) was beautiful when it arrived in Chicago. It arrived on time and completely arranged in a heavy, clear glass vase that was securely packed in a sturdy box. Each of the red roses was gorgeous, lush, and fully blooming with a rich rose scent, and surrounded by dense greenery. We were made even more impressed by the FTD bouquet considering that its website didn’t do great in our evaluation — it’s confusing to navigate, with annoying pop-ups and guilt-trip-heavy bouquet upgrades that are ranked “good,” “better,” and “best.”
When someone passes away, it’s important to send a sympathy card and/or gift to acknowledge the grieving person’s pain. In order to honor the deceased and send your condolences to the grieving individual or family, you can send a thoughtful gift or sympathy card as soon as you hear the news of a death or you can wait until the funeral. When it comes to letting someone know that you care about their loss, always take appropriate measures to show sympathy.
The Basics: The Bouqs Company’s bouquets are so beautiful that brides are known to order them for weddings. The service offers sustainably grown, farm-direct bouquets from local artisans, all clearly marked with a price and delivery date so there are no surprises at checkout.
Flowers are a classic gift for romantic partners and significant others to send one another. Bouquets can be sent on special occasions, like anniversaries, or just to remind your partner that you value and appreciate them.
Offer assistance or help around the house. If you’re a close family member or friend, you can offer to babysit or straighten up around the grieving person’s house. This is a sweet gesture and very useful during such a delicate time.
Unlike concrete sidewalks and gravel paths, the trail calls for hardened and supportive footwear to combat dirt, mud, jagged rocks and streams. The answer is hiking boots and hiking shoes, and these are the best available.
Answer: Yes, you can definitely send a gift after the funeral. Healing takes a while so your sympathy gift is still relevant after the funeral. Try to send your gift no later than two months after the funeral to make sure your gesture is well-received.