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FTD was established in 1910 when 13 florists joined together to offer flowers across the country that could be ordered by telegrah. Today, the company delivers flowers and other gifts around the world. Orders can be placed by phone or on the company’s website.
Many sites offer flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, funerals and “just because.” Corporations often send floral gifts to employees or other firms. If you do not want to give someone a floral bouquet – and for some people, this implies a romantic message – you might prefer to order a live green plant, a bonsai plant or a dish garden with cacti. These kinds of gifts could be perceived as more professional and would safely congratulate or thank someone without sending the wrong message.
When the mixed-flower arrangements arrived, we were surprised to find the ones from ProFlowers and FTD were in a vase. As a result, we didn’t include the mixed flowers in our survey because the arrangements represented only what people near our office in Yonkers, N.Y., might receive.
All the sites we reviewed deliver within the continental United States, and most also deliver within Canada, Hawaii and Alaska. Some sites offer international flower delivery for an additional cost. All the online flower firms in our comparison provide next-day delivery on weekdays in most areas of the U.S., and several, including, offer same-day delivery to most U.S. and Canadian locations.
We sent flowers to Seattle and Chicago — then two tiny towns in the middle of nowhere — and loved every single bouquet. But where FTD really stands out is its customer service: far and away the best of the competition.
From You Flowers has a large network of local partners, working with more than 20,000 florists worldwide to provide the freshest blooms on demand. The company also offers other gifts, like stuffed animals and fruit baskets, to be delivered with or instead of flowers.
When someone passes away, it’s important to send a sympathy card and/or gift to acknowledge the grieving person’s pain. In order to honor the deceased and send your condolences to the grieving individual or family, you can send a thoughtful gift or sympathy card as soon as you hear the news of a death or you can wait until the funeral. When it comes to letting someone know that you care about their loss, always take appropriate measures to show sympathy.
FTD has been in the floral industry since 1910. Consumers can order fresh flowers and other gifts on the company’s website. Fresh flowers may either be delivered by a florist or by a shipping company like UPS.
Growing your own flowers may look like a crazy idea, but it works for several UK based florists. For example, the garden gate flower company is famous for growing their own flowers. Though this business model has its own drawbacks like the inability to source flowers out of season and long quiet times. This company overcomes those issues using their entrepreneurial spirit: bridal consultations, blogging, tutoring and by being ready to take an opportunity when such arises. If you want to learn more about them check out their blog.
I agree to receive up to 6 autodialed text messages per month from or on behalf of Edible Arrangements about promotions, special offers, and discounts at the phone number provided above. I understand that my consent is not required and is not a condition of any purchase. Standard text message and data rates apply. Not all carriers covered. You can always text STOP to 334253 to stop getting text messages (you will be sent a confirmation message), or call 203-774-5357. Text HELP to 334253 for help.
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ProFlowers was founded in 1998 to connect flower buyers directly with growers. The company is now a part of a larger family of brands, including ProPlants, and Sheri’s Berries. It offers a wide variety bouquets, delivered by florists and by shipping companies.
Answer: Yes, you can definitely send a gift after the funeral. Healing takes a while so your sympathy gift is still relevant after the funeral. Try to send your gift no later than two months after the funeral to make sure your gesture is well-received.
Sourcing flowers directly from the flower farms allows florists to secure large quantities of flowers at a prearranged price. This is good for special days, like Valentines and Mothers day, when flowers are in demand and price at the auction can be extremely high in case of poor weather conditions. Roses and Blooms is New York’s local, family owned and operated florist, that sources its flowers directly from the farms. This allows them to pick unique and extraordinary blooms for their shop. Their mantra is no middle man, no problem.
On the left is the photo of the roses we ordered from the ProFlowers website; on the right are the flowers we received. ProFlowers (which was acquired by FTD in December 2014) says on its website that its flowers are hand-picked in fields and sent directly to your door. In our sample of a dozen roses, however, only five were intact. Almost all of our panelists who rated them in person (97 percent) said they represented the lowest-quality bunch. When we asked in our survey how similar the arrangement was to its online photo, 96 percent gave it a 1 out of 5, or a poor rating. When we called ProFlowers to complain, a customer-service rep apologized and sent us another bunch of roses the next day at no additional charge. The replacement roses were full and intact.
Answer: Yes. If you’d like to send a sympathy gift to a classmate or co-worker, it is perfectly fine and appropriate to send a group sympathy gift. If you also share a lot of mutual friends with the grieving individual, you can also send a group gift such as a memorial contribution. However, if you have a very close relationship with the grieving individual, be sure to send a personal gift as well.
Interestingly, FlowerPetal got poor ratings in Seattle: while lovely enough, the roses weren’t long-stemmed and the bouquet lacked the drama that was advertised online. Would the baby’s breath have helped?

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Mums are frequently included in arrangements for funeral services. In some European countries, such as France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary and Croatia, chrysanthemums are symbolic of death and are only used for funerals or on graves. In China, Japan and Korea, white chrysanthemums are symbolic of lamentation and grief. In the US, they symbolize truth and usually regarded as positive and cheerful, with New Orleans as a notable exception.
The lily is the flower most commonly associated with funeral services as they symbolize the innocence that has been restored to the soul of the departed. The white lily expresses majesty and purity, where as white stargazer lilies specifically symbolize sympathy.
Contact options: Even if you order flowers online, it should be easy to speak to a customer service representative. Make sure you can find a telephone number or participate in a live chat before placing your order.
Teleflora has been delivering flowers for over 81 years. It partners with 13,000 florists in the United States and Canada and more outside North America. Consumers order from Teleflora, and a local florist makes the delivery.
Top-notch flower delivery companies provide tracking information online and by phone so you don’t need to wonder whether your flowers arrived. You can check the status of your bouquet as it travels toward your intended recipient.
Since there are so many reviews of flowers never arriving, or flowers arriving dead or days late, we only wanted to deal with companies willing to offer refunds, exchanges, or satisfaction guarantees. Sending flowers can be an expensive endeavor (a standard order of a dozen red roses can range from $42-$96), and we wanted our investment to come with a promise that we’d be satisfied. This was where we parted ways with H. Bloom, a luxury flower company with modern arrangements and an otherwise impressive website.
We find the best of everything. How? We start with the world. We narrow down our list with expert insight and cut anything that doesn’t meet our standards. We hand-test the finalists. Then, we name our top picks.
Ava’s Flowers opened a brick-and-mortar florist’s shop 30 years ago. Today, customers can buy flowers online, by phone or from the shop, and can get custom bouquets, unusual flowers and quick turnaround after placing an order.
There are smaller companies that offer only Fair Trade Certified flowers for delivery, like One World Flowers, but keep in mind that they might not have options like same-day delivery, satisfaction guarantees, and out-of-season blooms.
Ordering flowers online also makes it easy to see a wide variety of bouquet choices. The photos on these sites are lovely: Lush arrangements of fresh flowers in full bloom, expertly styled. The only thing you can’t do is take a deep sniff. But how can you know how the photo compares with the arrangement that actually shows up at mom’s door?
Bouquets and balloons are a suitable gift for birthdays, the birth of a child, graduations and other events that you want to celebrate. Most florists have a variety of vases, balloons and other gifts to fit all celebratory occasions.
In a perfect world, our top picks would be Fair Trade Certified, sustainably harvested and organically grown — but we found that these standards often mean florists are unable to offer more typical guarantees, like same-day delivery or 100% customer satisfaction. We didn’t make sustainability a requirement, but if this consideration is important to you, check out our tips on how to find responsibly grown and harvested flowers, and consider ordering from The Bouqs Co.
Some level of customer service. We thought our standards were pretty basic: customer phone support, a human being instead of an automated message, and no more than three minutes of hold time. We also wanted to be offered a refund or credit if we had any issues. (As it turns out, this was shooting for the moon.)
Because literally no other company we called did this, or came anywhere close to matching this level of service. Only one other company, ProFlowers, got a decent customer service score. This was a refreshing change after dealing with companies like FlowerPetal and Ava’s Flowers, which kept us on hold for so long that we finally hung up. Even worse was 1-800-Flowers: The company greeted us with an automated operator, who proceeded to connect us to a conference call center, demand a passcode and then hang up on us. If we’d had truly urgent questions, FTD was one of the few services that left us confident we’d actually be able to get in touch with a human being.
These companies left us feeling thoroughly lukewarm. Their bouquets weren’t the worst we’ve seen, but generally lacked the show-stopping effect of our top picks. If you’re unable to get the bouquet you want on the date that you want from one of our top picks, these services are worth checking as a backup, but we wouldn’t recommend them as our first choice:
In some cases, placing an order late Sunday evening might require a Tuesday delivery instead of Monday. Many flower delivery companies offer same-day service, which is great if you forgot an important birthday or anniversary. Short-notice flower deliveries typically depend on the time you place the order and cost more for the expedited efforts and the shipping. You might also have a somewhat more limited selection of bouquets if you are ordering flowers to be delivered very quickly. With a decent website and consistently good scores in Chicago, Seattle, and North Carolina, these flowers could have made it into our top three picks — if they would have arrived in our fourth location. The roses weren’t able to be delivered to our Wisconsin location, so lost major points. Our order was initially accepted, but the only local florist within 20 miles rejected the order; we were notified by email that our recipient was too remote. It’s too bad: In Chicago, the arrangement was unusually lovely, with deeply scented, velvety roses that were so dark red they were tiptoeing toward black, surrounded by lush ferns and glossy dark leaves. If you’re going with, our advice is to only send arrangements to mid- or large-sized cities.

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