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Gone are the days when coaches stood on the sidelines in suits and ties like Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi. Now they look just like you and me. Think Bill Belichick in his hoodie. But they still need the tools of the trade, just like the old days. This list of gifts for coaches has […]
We had 20 people taste and rate the food from this basket, and the food received a B+ score, the second highest after the Harry & David basket. Our testers especially enjoyed the selection of cheeses in this basket. They loved the bleu cheese, and the lavender-infused goat cheese was one of the highest rated food items across our entire taste test. This basket focused on gourmet foods like cheese and meat, but it lacked some of the snackable sweets and treats that other baskets had. You can search for almost any food item on igourmet’s website, and this company offers over 200 different baskets so you should be able to find foods that your recipients will enjoy. This company will ship ground, expedited or overnight so you should be able to get your basket to its destination when you need it. In terms of add-ons, you can add extra snacks to your order, but this company doesn’t have cards or stuffed animals that you can add to your basket.
Chocolate-covered strawberries are a staple for any edible gift, so why not elevate it with some truly luxurious berries and chocolate? These strawberries are enrobed in 100% real milk, dark, and white chocolate and are so decadent they’ll forget they’re actually eating fruit!
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This is the perfect gift for any chocolate lover and is a fun way to make treats more decadent. The chocolate fountain can hold up to four pounds of melted chocolate and has adjustable feet and removable parts for easy cleanups.
When you have Simply Chocolate gift baskets delivered, you not only please the loved ones receiving them, but you add convenience to every shopping experience. Plus, you can always get something special sent to yourself to ensure that everyone gets a little love from the chocolate fairy.
An original gift arrangement by Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets.™ Each gift is hand crafted and assembled in the USA, United States Trademark US #4371601. NOTE: Some components may be imported. The manufacturer only authorizes Amazon Prime and it’s subsidiaries for selling authentic Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets as pictured and described on this website.
This truly unique gift pack is perfect for the adventurous chocoholic! This trio of dark chocolate-covered insects is packed full of protein and chocolaty goodness. Each variety of insect comes in its own snackable tin ready for the most daring of palates.
Our experienced chocolatiers hand craft a tempting variety of chocolate treats designed to impress. Shop Incredible chocolate bark, decadent chocolate truffles, chocolate cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels, chocolate cigars and more. With so many possibilities, you are sure to find the perfect chocolate birthday gifts for your friends and family. You can always choose the classic winning combo of flowers and chocolates.
Already Have an Idea in Mind? We’ve made it easy for you to find. Choose the perfect gift from our collections featuring gourmet favorites, wine, champagne, fruit, chocolate and more. Shop Gifts By Type >
There is nothing that creates a gasp of surprise and pleasure from a gift recipient better than GODIVA gift baskets full of decadent chocolates and truffles. These gift boxes and chocolate towers make the best gifts for anyone who appreciates delicious gourmet chocolates in many different flavors. And because every occasion is better with chocolate, it works for almost any holiday or event. But if you are looking to send a unique gift basket for a specific occasion, check out the Valentine’s Day chocolate gift baskets and Easter chocolate gift baskets.
Salty and sweet is a flavor combination that almost never goes wrong and these chocolate-covered chips are no exception. They strike the perfect balance between sweet and savory and elevate the ordinary potato chips. These crisp treats are enveloped in smooth milk, dark, or white Belgian chocolate.
These fantastic signature truffles make an excellent gift for the meat-eaters and the meat-freers in your life. This decadent box features dairy-free truffles in milk fudge, coffee, Grand Marnier, raspberry, and salted caramel flavors. The chocolates are so indulgent that they won’t believe there’s no dairy in these!
Got chocolate? To deliver a taste of pure chocolate paradise look no further than one of Shari’s Berries many deluxe, decadent and exquisitely delicious chocolate gift baskets filled with premium truffles, gourmet chocolates and incredible sweet treats. From small gift boxes, to luxury baskets, chocolate-dipped greetings simply don’t get any sweeter than this!
No matter the occasion this gift basket is guaranteed to impress. Inside a classic basket comes your choice of wine and several sweet treats that include French truffles, wafer cookies, and milk chocolate squares. This is the perfect gift for all occasions and is sure to be unforgettable!
Give this to the tea lover in your life and they’ll have everything they need to make a nice cup of tea, including the teapot and cup. Of course there is also plenty of teas to choose from, so they can sample them and discover which they like best. They even include scissors with this so they’ll have no trouble opening it once it arrives.
Take them on a trip without leaving their home with this around the world wine chest. They’ll be able to sample wines from all over the globe, and taste different foods that complement each one, including salami, olives, cookies, and more. It’s something any wine enthusiast will love.
These cute earrings from The Jewel Saga are perfect for a baker, chocoholic, pastry chef, or anyone who loves food. These earrings are made from high quality polymer clay that has been painted and varnished to keep them looking great. The earrings are french hook earrings made from sterling silver, so they are suitable for those who require hypoallergenic jewelry. If this look is just too much pink, we also recommend a similar handmade set of earrings that look like chocolate cupcakes. For the more scientifically minded chocolate fan, we recommend this handmade Theobromine molecule necklace with matching earrings.
Do they only buy organic food? Treat them to this premium batch of all organic foods and they’ll thank you for catering to their organic ways. The price may be higher on this one, but it’s justified, just take a look at the long list of premium foods you’re sending.
Here’s a basket that’s jam packed with items that will get their mouth watering. The lineup includes an assortment of sweet and savory things, like cheeses, chocolates, caramels, and even vegetables. They’ll be taken to a new plane of existence with these gourmet-caliber choices.
*Free Ground Shipping or $10 Off Expedited Shipping Savings will be reflected on the shipping calendar during checkout process Send them their favorite snacks no matter where they are! Inside this gorgeous lattice basket we’ve gathered together an unparalleled selection of coveted snacks your…
Statistically, chocolate is consumed by twice as many women than men – but men also value the undeniable health benefits chocolate can offer. Besides their value for pure indulgence, chocolate bars are often part of hiking expeditions and camping packs, and have even made it onto the menus of every spacecraft ever launched been – even Apollo 11, the first space shuttle to land on the moon.
To test gift baskets, we ordered 11 baskets that cost around $100 from each of the top companies we researched. We took careful notes of how the baskets arrived and what condition they were in before we opened them up and spread the contents out in our break room. We gave each of our testers a ballot with the names of each basket and room to rate five food items from each basket. We also had our testers vote on the best basket overall and any food items that exceeded expectations. We then collected all the ratings and ranked baskets by the average of all the food scores.
This spa basket contains lotions, gels, scrubs, and more that are all designed to help heal the body and return it to a more natural state. It’s using lemon, avocado, and olive oil as the basic ingredients to get the job done. They’ll feel pampered and this is a very thoughtful gift.
It might be surprising to hear that chocolate has been considered the food of the gods, an exotic aphrodisiac, and a sweet gourmet gift only for the elite. Chocolate has taken a special place in the hearts of millions of people throughout history. Long before Columbus’s ships reached America, cacao beans were used as offerings to Mesoamerican deities and spiritually uplifting drinks for religious and royal ceremonies. The world “chocolate” itself comes from the Nahuatl “xocolotl,” which means “bitter water,” since the seeds of the cacao tree initially have quite a bitter taste and must undergo fermentation to become sweeter and develop the flavor that we know and love today.
In the mood for a little taste of chocolate? How about indulgent chocolate dipped fruit for a special surprise? When it’s time to indulge in a chocolaty treat, this is the place to come. That’s right, nestled alongside our many fabulously fresh baked goods, cookies selection and signature berries, we’ve made sure to include a wonderful assortment of all-out chocolaty gift baskets that are perfect for special occasions large and small.
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Oreos. Enrobed in sweet milk chocolate. What more can you ask for? Philadelphia Candies has been making sweet treats since 1919. Quality and freshness are ensured with tamper-proof packaging. You can order these Oreos plain and unadorned, or opt for cookies that have been decorated. Over 60 different decorations are available, including chocolate-dipped Oreos with Christmas ornaments, Minions, or snowflakes. If an eight-pack of cookies isn’t enough, you can also order packs of 15 or 30 via the link below.