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This creamy soap provides a rich lather and will leave their skin slightly chocolate-scented. It is made with real cocoa butter and exfoliating coconut shell, which means that it will leave their skin feeling soft and supple. The must-have item in any chocoholic’s bathroom!
All of our chocolates are backed by our 100% Smile Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, we’ll make it right. No questions asked. Please contact our customer service team at: 844-719-4774
From birthdays to anniversaries and other special events, chocolate gift baskets and candy gift baskets will leave them saying “yum!” Celebrate all of their special occasions and yours with a decadent treat and sweet splurge.
The truth is when you ask a diabetic what kind of gift they want for their birthday or holiday they want what everyone else wants: a flatscreen TV and a check for a million dollars! But this list is for diabetic-specific things that might help them manage their condition—all except for medical equipment. Insurance coves […]
It has a magical feel to it and can brighten anyone’s day. An assortment of chocolates may be used in the bouquet. These assortments could be dark chocolate based to please dark chocolate lovers specifically.
What’s better than a one-off spa package? A spa treatment they can use more than once! This pack of items gives them brushes, scrubbers, bath beads, a candle, and more that will transport them to a place of total relaxation, all without leaving their bathroom. Comes packaged in a decorative hat box that can be personalized.
Whiskey lovers are a special breed. They love to know all the latest information on home distilling, aging, and custom flavoring their spirit of choice—and they get a special thrill from serving in style. These gifts will be a hit with the whiskey lovers in your life. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn
Send this gift if they’ve been under the weather. It has plenty of chicken noodle soup in the familiar red and white Campbell’s can, pure Fiji water, and even a first aid kit they might not need at the moment, but can store away for later use. It all comes packaged in medicine cabinet with a working lock.
The assortment could include bars and chocolate blocks. The flavors could also have a variety. Dark chocolate can be used in a number of delectable treats. All these delectables could be placed in this box.
Fruit flavors could include raspberry, orange, pineapple, mango, strawberry, apricot, apple and a variety of other fruit flavors. Fruit flavored chocolates would be a great way to celebrate any occasion, be it a birthday, a wedding or an anniversary.
Statistically, chocolate is consumed by twice as many women than men – but men also value the undeniable health benefits chocolate can offer. Besides their value for pure indulgence, chocolate bars are often part of hiking expeditions and camping packs, and have even made it onto the menus of every spacecraft ever launched been – even Apollo 11, the first space shuttle to land on the moon.
Gone are the days when coaches stood on the sidelines in suits and ties like Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi. Now they look just like you and me. Think Bill Belichick in his hoodie. But they still need the tools of the trade, just like the old days. This list of gifts for coaches has […]

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Because receiving a gift basket is an experience that includes the wrapping and design of the basket, we chose not to conduct a purely blind taste test. Instead, our testers commented on the baskets and overall food selection, in addition to the taste, as part of their comments.
If they’ve gone gluten free you don’t have to worry about which gift to get them, you can simply get them a gluten-free gift basket and they’ll be all set. This includes plenty of delicious goodies that are all GF so they can indulge without ruining their diet.
I totally thought this would be much bigger than it is, came in a little bitty box and I though no way that can’t be it, I opened it and my gosh. It’s 1/5th the size they make it it look like. It has 1 chocolate bar, 2 small bags of candy, one very small box of candy and 2 hot chocolates. Not anything what the pic. Or description says I was really bummed out about it because of what I was LEd to believe it would look like. I could’ve saved myself a lot money
Send a kiss with a kiss! This giant Hershey’s Kiss is the perfect gift for a chocoholic. It is made from a solid piece of milk chocolate in the shape of the iconic Hershey’s Kiss. What better way to say I love you than with a giant kiss!
Give them all the sweet they can handle, and take them back to an earlier time with candies that have been around for decades. They’ll certainly remember these from being a kid: Pop Rocks, a Clark Bar, a candy necklace, gummy bears, you name it, if it’s retro candy it’s probably in here.
Bert and Ernie, macaroni and cheese, unicorns and rainbows…some things just go together and are best experienced as a pair. That’s the way we feel about Christmas and coffee. Our Christmas coffee gift baskets are bursting with glad tidings, sugar highs, and dark roasts. In other words – a perfect holiday package. Send your favorite caffeine fanatic the Cafe Amore Coffee Gift Basket, which includes coffee from brands like Coffee City and Coffee Masters. Those flavorful brews are complemented by chocolatey items such as biscotti, wafer cookies, and Belgian biscuits. If that’s not sweet enough for you, we’ve got a wide selection of other Christmas chocolate baskets that feature coffee and the most delicious treats.
This spa basket contains lotions, gels, scrubs, and more that are all designed to help heal the body and return it to a more natural state. It’s using lemon, avocado, and olive oil as the basic ingredients to get the job done. They’ll feel pampered and this is a very thoughtful gift.
Our experienced chocolatiers hand craft a tempting variety of chocolate treats designed to impress. Shop Incredible chocolate bark, decadent chocolate truffles, chocolate cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels, chocolate cigars and more. With so many possibilities, you are sure to find the perfect chocolate birthday gifts for your friends and family. You can always choose the classic winning combo of flowers and chocolates.
Hosting Parties – Tis the season and most people will be celebrating in big groups of some type. Giving coffee baskets for Christmas, sets up the hosts for these festivities with some post-dinner coffee for their guests. Instead of going to the grocery store to fill the cart with extra grounds, your gift recipient can just reach into their basket to put out a variety of name-brand brews.
Anytime you combine the phrase “world famous” with “chocolate” you are going to get the attention of every chocoholic out there. This collection features a wonderful assortment of chocolates they’ll savor, like chocolate bars, caramel squares, pastilles, toffee, truffles, and more. They’ll all all-natural, and the box can personalized to make it one of a kind.
Speaking of fondue, this party grill is perfect for both sweet and savory fondue parties. For the uninitiated, a raclette grill is a special type of grill that’s used for intimate dinner parties. It is often used alongside a fondue pot. Quite popular in France and Switzerland, this particular grill combines a table top Raclette grill with a fondue pot in a single appliance. There are 12 mini raclette pans around the edges of the grill, which can hold warm cheese, vegetables, grilled meats, or seafood. A raclette meal usually consists of cheese that is grilled. Once it begins to soften, the melted cheese is scraped on bread, or drizzled over other items on the table. Other grilled accompaniments can include fresh or pickled vegetables, cured meats, and potatoes. The meal is often paired with white wine or tea.
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