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The Theo Chocolate company was North America’s first organic and Fair Trade chocolate factory. This fun cookbook features 75 recipes you can make at home using tasty Theo chocolate. Recipes included in this book include a dark chocolate stout bundt cake, chocolate bread, mocha cookies, and other sweet treats. There are also savory recipes and breakfast recipes, so you can enjoy chocolate all day long.
No matter the occasion this gift basket is guaranteed to impress. Inside a classic basket comes your choice of wine and several sweet treats that include French truffles, wafer cookies, and milk chocolate squares. This is the perfect gift for all occasions and is sure to be unforgettable!
And the selection certainly doesn’t end there. From seasonal treats that are perfect for gifting during the holidays, to romantic Valentine’s Day surprises, we’ve got plenty of wonderful chocolate presents for special holidays too. So when Christmas comes around remember us for unique and tasty stocking stuffers. And, because any time is the perfect time to get one of our truly deluxe chocolate gift baskets delivered, you’ll find a huge array of baskets in many shapes sizes and to suit all kinds of budgets. For birthday gifts, think the luxe and luscious goodies in our popular Godiva gift baskets, and California cool of our yummy Ghirardelli chocolate gift baskets from San Francisco’s premium chocolate makers. We even offer sugar free chocolate delights.
Nothing goes better together than fruit and chocolate and this vibrant assortment of delicious fruity confections covered in signature milk and dark chocolate means that they’ll get the perfect summer bite every time! This box features blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry flavors that are only available for a limited time.
Mason Jars gifts, whether store-bought or DIY, make adorable and useful gifts for anyone, whether male or female. From candy to candles, speakers to soap, Mason Jars are a quirky way to give gifts for any occasion, and as the jars are reusable the memories will linger long after the gift has been used. Facebook […]
This is a fantastic gift for anyone who enjoys a little bit of spice with their sweet. One pound of jalapeno peppers dipped in gourmet Belgian chocolate and decorated with a red confection drizzle is delivered to your loved one and will leave them sweating for more!
Once the first cocoa beans reached European shores, the recipe underwent a few changes. The Europeans introduced both sugar and milk into the process – the sugar to balance the bitter taste, and the milk to give it a creamy, richer texture (and to make it a little more fattening, since we all know that’s what makes it taste so good). Hot chocolate quickly made its way to aristocratic parlors and, considered to be an aphrodisiac, became a sophisticated and exotic dessert drink of love for the highest class of people.
Call us today! Our chocolate gift baskets are available with multiple shipping options. Take advantage of our Free Canada-wide shipping service to Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Halifax , Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Moncton, St John’s and all Canadian cities in between !
Shopping online for international gift baskets and any other item you can imagine has become something that people around the world do on a daily basis. Some, however, still worry about their credit card and other personal information getting out. There are others that argue that online shopping is even safer than shopping in person. If you are looking into sending gift baskets internationally, doing so online is safe as long as you follow these tips.
If you’re not quite sure what they like, send them a box that has a little bit of everything. This is full of the favorites of the founders of this gift box company, so it’s going to have items in it that have mass appeal. Cheese, crackers, cherries, and mints are just some of the things they’ll be able to enjoy once this arrives.
Our experienced chocolatiers hand craft a tempting variety of chocolate treats designed to impress. Shop Incredible chocolate bark, decadent chocolate truffles, chocolate cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels, chocolate cigars and more. With so many possibilities, you are sure to find the perfect chocolate birthday gifts for your friends and family. You can always choose the classic winning combo of flowers and chocolates.
Of course, you don’t have to planning a trip to the moon to love chocolate and appreciate its long history. Beautiful artisan chocolate pralines or melt-in-your-mouth truffles are ideal no matter the occasion. Whether you’re treating yourself or someone else, chocolate is the perfect gift – an ideal way to tantalize all the senses, perk you up, or make a delicious meal even more memorable.
We enlisted 20 coworkers to taste test 11 gift baskets from the top gift basket companies. The best overall gift basket is the Founders’ Favorite Gift Box from Harry & David because it features delicious, ripe fruit and snacks that are unique and tasty. If you’re a cheese connoisseur or interested in trying more gourmet foods, we recommend the California Classic Gift Basket from igourmet.com. If you want the largest basket for a comparable price, the Gourmet Choice basket from Wine Country Gift Baskets is best.   
Healthy gift baskets make great gifts for anyone in your life. Moms and Dads love them, coworkers are happy to have something useful (snacks!) and your friends appreciate the fact you’re thinking about their health. This list of healthy gift baskets has something for everyone, from the gourmet foodie to the sweet tooth munchie-monster. Facebook […]
Gift baskets don’t have to be a drag to receive, and today’s selection is nothing like what it used to be. You can send gift baskets that are loaded up with premium items, wines, snacks, candies, cookies, and of course chocolate. We’ve uncovered some of the best of the best so you can send any of these and be sure to come out a winner.
Are you looking for the perfect assortment of goodies for a loved one’s birthday, your anniversary, or a friend who’s suffered a loss? Maybe you want to celebrate upcoming holidays in high style by providing chocolate gifts for your guests or for all of the dedicated coworkers on your team. There’s no better way to show your love, admiration, and thoughtfulness than by choosing the perfect chocolate gift basket for every lucky recipient on your list.
Already Have an Idea in Mind? We’ve made it easy for you to find. Choose the perfect gift from our collections featuring gourmet favorites, wine, champagne, fruit, chocolate and more. Shop Gifts By Type >
If they love craft beer, this is the gift basket to get them. It includes plenty of snacks to go along with that beer, and you won’t find any light beer here. It includes beers like Guinness, Heineken, Newcastle, and Red Stripe, beers that you can take time to enjoy and not just chug down.
Candles are a fantastic way to set an ambiance and establish a delicious scent. This hand-poured candle is made by Katz’s Deli, which was made famous in the film When Harry Met Sally. Each candle is made with essential oils and scented with notes from the deli’s famous chocolate egg cream!
Many companies also feature baskets that are kosher or vegan, though we found that searching for vegan baskets on many websites only pulls up lists of fruit and nut samplers. There are also many companies that offer wine gift baskets or that offer wine as an add-on to baskets.
The chocolate lover gift tower is the ideal gift for any chocoholic and is absolutely irresistible! It features nearly every type of chocolate or chocolate-covered item they could think of, from chocolate-dipped fruit to the finest truffles. Its presentation makes it the perfect gift for any occasion.
Stocking stuffers tend to be the same, year after year. The gifts become running family jokes. Kids get chocolate, they get socks, and they get candy canes. We guarantee that you won’t find any of those here. This list is for kids of all ages, from youngsters to teenagers. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn
Speaking of fondue, this party grill is perfect for both sweet and savory fondue parties. For the uninitiated, a raclette grill is a special type of grill that’s used for intimate dinner parties. It is often used alongside a fondue pot. Quite popular in France and Switzerland, this particular grill combines a table top Raclette grill with a fondue pot in a single appliance. There are 12 mini raclette pans around the edges of the grill, which can hold warm cheese, vegetables, grilled meats, or seafood. A raclette meal usually consists of cheese that is grilled. Once it begins to soften, the melted cheese is scraped on bread, or drizzled over other items on the table. Other grilled accompaniments can include fresh or pickled vegetables, cured meats, and potatoes. The meal is often paired with white wine or tea.
The Sweet Basket company offers a wide variety of exceptional chocolate holiday gift baskets, perfect for any occasion or celebration. Call us toll free at 1.866.683.3885 to place your chocolate gift delivery order today or use our safe and convenient online shopping service for all our chocolate gift baskets Canada.
These days people, including chocoholics, spend a lot of time at the computer, so why not give them a gift so that they never have to be apart from their one true love? This computer mouse is shaped to resemble a chocolate bar and is compatible with most operating systems.
When you can’t be there to celebrate, send a cake or brownies to let them know you are thinking about them. Artisan cheesecakes and festive brownies can be shared and enjoyed amongst friends and family.

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Reward yourself or someone special with our popular Chocolate Decadence gift basket or choose from our decadent assortment of gourmet chocolate gift baskets. Indulge that special chocolate lover on your wish list! Savor rich decadent chocolate gifts and chocolate gifts baskets featuring only the finest award-winning chocolates and luxury chocolate gifts by Godiva Chocolatier, Ghirardelli, Lindt to name a few. Savor a variety of flavors in white, dark or milk chocolate or try our chocolate enrobed fruit and chocolate covered nuts.
Help them celebrate the Christmas season in style with this classic Christmas gift basket. It has old time favorites like peanut brittle, caramel nut crunch, and peanuts done up several different ways. If they like to have company over for the holidays this has all of the crunchy and snacky things they can put out for guests.
There’s no better way to wish someone a happy birthday than with chocolate. And when it comes to birthday chocolates, there’s no better option than GODIVA. Choose from the finest dark chocolate and milk chocolate boxes. Or go with the classic chocolate truffles that they are sure to enjoy. And if it’s a very special person, wish them a happy birthday with an extravagant gift basket that will have them indulging for days to come. No matter what you give them, they are definitely going to have a happy birthday with your delicious gift.
Fill your books and papers with the sweet scent of chocolate with these adorable bookmarks. These four scented magnetic paper clips are made of sturdy UV-coated card stock with vinyl magnets. They make a fantastic addition to any chocolate lovers’ gift!
These deliciously crisp pretzels are enveloped in rich milk, dark, or white chocolate and decorated with an assortment of goodies from sprinkles to tiny candy gems. These indulgent pretzels arrive in a Happy Birthday box featuring a candle design. It is sure to bring a smile to any birthday boy or girl’s face!
Chocoholics will delight at these “tasty” soaps as they clean themselves with the ultimate indulgence: chocolate soaps! These handcrafted soaps resemble fudge and are made from pure ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, cocoa powder, and fragrance oils. Give them the gift of a delicious clean!
Indulge their sweet tooth with an enticing selection of our finest confections – chocolate fudge, crème  brulée chocolate,dark chocolate cashews, dark chocolate orange biscotti, milk chocolate caramel and more!
This premium chocolate assortment is meant for true connoisseurs. The confections in this basket were crafted by the world-famous Ghirardelli, San Francisco’s first chocolatier. Chocolate candies in a variety of flavors and sizes, as well as delicious hot cocoa, ensure this gift is a real hit. Please Note: This is an exclusive product designed, manufactured and sold by Wine.com only. If purchasing this basket from any other seller, then the basket is not an original Wine.com product.
When you don’t know what to get, or the one you love has it all, chocolate birthday gifts hit just the right note, thanks to myriad options for chocolates and truffles sure to delight every palette, not to mention gorgeous boxes, baskets, and birthday themed gift sets that provide a tempting visual treat from the get-go. You simply can’t go wrong with an assortment of delectable birthday chocolates for your loved ones, especially considering the convenient delivery options offered by Simply Chocolate.

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