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“The last thing a new mom has time to do is cook. They’re tired and will want food, but ordering out gets old. An Instant Pot makes the easiest dinners.” — Jo Zasloff, certified nurse midwife, Central Park Midwifery, New York City
Included in this basket Patterns and colors will vary based on availability. Looking for the perfect baby shower gift that includes a little bit of everything?. Set of patterned Gerber washcloths (2).
“These bibs are the best. My husband thought they were weird because they are kind of stiff. But that’s a good thing! When you see how much food collects in the bottom of those bibs, you will understand the logic of choosing that particular material type. Also, you can just clean them with soap and a sponge. Anything that you don’t have to launder is great, bibs especially. They get very soiled and stained. And, honestly, the last thing you want to do is stain-treat a baby bib. I guess you don’t really have to but I always hated putting my daughter in a clean bib with stains on it.” —Elizabeth Verrelli, event planner, mother of a 2-year-old
“On the expensive end of the gift spectrum, the most useful gift we received was this swing. We used it CONSTANTLY for about four months. My daughter insisted on being held at all times, unless I put her in this swing. Without it, I never would have been able to eat or pee.” — Emily Ross, assistant provost at School of Visual Arts, New York City, mother of a 15-month-old
There are many joys to new motherhood—the first, of course, being the baby. The runner up, however, may well be all the amazing food people send you upon having recently given birth. Indeed, food gifts are great to give new parents. Baby clothes are cute, but it’s harder to guess people’s taste in infant outfits than it is to speculate whether or not they like really good cheese. In the days after I gave birth, I was exhausted, starving, and overwhelmed—but the arrival of a Russ & Daughters gift package to my doorstep was truly thrilling, not to mention sustaining.
“For breastfeeding moms, this lanolin ointment is a MUST. It lends itself to easy and painless application. Other brands are too thick to apply. Nursing pads are essential for every nursing mother. The Lansinoh brand is the most comfortable and least abrasive. Get these as a set.” — Dr. Frances Benedict, pediatric emergency medical doctor, Hasbro Children’s Hospital
“This chair thing looks so weird but it’s truly a godsend. It sets babies up to eventually sit on their own and it’s the perfect thing to throw them in while cooking or sending emails.” —Madeleine Fawcett, publicist, mother of a 7-month-old
After Ann and Jack moved to Seattle, they climbed every mountain in the area, including Mt. Rainier. Ann died age 96; older sister Betty died age 99. Both sisters loved the book and were very happy it was published; they gave copies to everyone they knew.
A new mama basket can fit within most budgets and it is perfect for personalizing. There are some things that I include in all of them, but for most of the items, I think about what I know about the mama. Does she hope to breastfeed? I include a bunch of things to support her efforts. Does she plan to have a natural birth or is she having a medically necessary C-section? There are gifts specific to each circumstance. Does she want to use all-natural products on her baby to avoid toxins? I think you get the idea!
Great gift for baby shower or newborn boy. Includes: 4 one-piece undershirts with snap closure Rock and rattle puppy Number banner 0-10 Nalgene spill-proof drinking cup Fisher Price Lion book Set of 2…
“This is a bit much, but totally important: For collecting milk, you place this collector into the bra-cup on your non-nursing side. It’s unreal how much milk I save.” — Alicia Birr, naturopathic doctor, mother of a 4-month-old
From the owners of NYC pizza mecca Franny’s, this Brooklyn provisions shop specializes in artisanal products—meaning, the management knows how to curate a food-lovers gift basket. This one includes coffee beans and soothing tea; several types of fantastic cheese; one of their trademark olive oil cakes; some small snacky items; and a cute onesie. BKLYN Larder also offers several excellent non-baby specific gift baskets, as well as the option to custom design your own.
Another author explains, “When Saint Jerome translated the Old Testament into Latin, he thought no one but Christ should glow with rays of light — so he advanced the secondary translation.[138][139] However, writer J. Stephen Lang points out that Jerome’s version actually described Moses as “giving off hornlike rays,” and he “rather clumsily translated it to mean ‘having horns.'”[140] It has also been noted that he had Moses seated on a throne, yet Moses was never given the title of a King nor ever sat on such thrones.[141]
Jump up ^ Moses, Adolph (1903), Yahvism and Other Discourses, Louisville Council of Jewish Women, p. 93, [The pilgrims were clearly] animated by the true spirit of the Hebrew prophets and law-givers. They walked by the light of the Scriptures, and were resolved to form a Commonwealth in accordance with the social laws and ideas of the Bible. …they were themselves the true descendants of Israel, spiritual children of the prophets..
Michelangelo’s statue of Moses in the Church of San Pietro in Vincoli, Rome, is one of the most familiar masterpieces in the world.[citation needed] The horns the sculptor included on Moses’ head are the result of a mistranslation of the Hebrew Bible into the Latin Vulgate Bible with which Michelangelo was familiar. The Hebrew word taken from Exodus means either a “horn” or an “irradiation.” Experts at the Archaeological Institute of America show that the term was used when Moses “returned to his people after seeing as much of the Glory of the Lord as human eye could stand,” and his face “reflected radiance.”[136] In early Jewish art, moreover, Moses is often “shown with rays coming out of his head.”[137]
John Adams, 2nd President of the United States, stated why he relied on the laws of Moses over Greek philosophy for establishing the United States Constitution: “As much as I love, esteem, and admire the Greeks, I believe the Hebrews have done more to enlighten and civilize the world. Moses did more than all their legislators and philosophers.[114] Swedish historian Hugo Valentin credited Moses as the “first to proclaim the rights of man.”[124]
Food: New moms don’t have time to shop and cook from scratch, so frozen meals that just need reheating in the microwave are a huge help. Complete, one pot/pan meals are best. Try to include both family-sized dinners and single-serving lunches. Ideally, all containers should be disposable because new moms also don’t have time for housework. Consider adding disposable plates, bowls, cups (hot and cold), and utensils. Single serving packages of snacks and cold cereals would also be appreciated.
Several etymologies have been proposed. An Egyptian root msy, “child of”, has been considered as a possible etymology, arguably an abbreviation of a theophoric name, as for example in Egyptian names like Thutmoses (Thoth created him) and Ramesses (Ra created him),[15] with the god’s name omitted. Abraham Yahuda, based on the spelling given in the Tanakh, argues that it combines “water” or “seed” and “pond, expanse of water”, thus yielding the sense of “child of the Nile” (mw-še).[21]
“These teethers are awesome, and very pretty, I might add. Baby loves the bright colors and the ring makes it easy for younger babies to manipulate.”—Gretchen Radzik, art teacher at Lower Manhattan Community Middle School, mother of a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old
The reader journey’s with a caring mother on a trip to supply a warmer climate for the three year old Betty and 6 month old Ann. When all are settled into the back of the horse-drawn buckboard the trip begins. Illustrator Ted Rand adeptly interprets his wife, Gloria’s text. The visions one sees and feels as the threesome becomes separated during an accident on the river, are terrifying, exciting and eventually joyous. A must read for all lovers of children’s books.
I will begin, then, with our first prophet and lawgiver, Moses… that you may know that, of all your teachers, whether sages, poets, historians, philosophers, or lawgivers, by far the oldest, as the Greek histories show us, was Moses, who was our first religious teacher.[74]
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We just received the gift basket that we ordered and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and in PERFECT condition! Thank you so much for all that you all did to make our co-worker’s birthday special! I have posted your business card on our company bulletin board with a note encouraging people to keep your company in mind for gifts (and told them how FABULOUS the customer service was)!! Thanks again and have a GREAT day!!
Natural Diaper Wipes: Both of my girls have bad and instant reactions to cheap diaper wipes full of chlorine and other harsh chemicals. This is one thing it is worth splurging on or learning to make at home.
You would be surprised at how much a $20 bill will get you with Harry & David – such as a box of smoke hams, cheeses and crackers. For less than $30 you have tons of options as well, ranging from treat towers packed full of sweets to their classic sausage and cheese gift boxes. You can even order up a breakfast gift basket for less than $30.
Instead of getting stuff for the baby, make the gift basket for the new mom. Include bubble bath, eye mask, hand lotion, nail file, facial scrub, pumice stone, etc. Add a coupon for an hour of baby-sitting services. New moms don’t take time for themselves, so a little pampering will go a long way.
They hid Moses for three months, but as he got older he didn’t sleep as much and he cried louder than before.  So his parents did the only thing they could do, they made a strong basket (sort of like a mini baby boat) and put blankets around the baby and placed the basket in some tall grass in the Nile river.
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In mid-January, 1917, a young mother set out from Fairbanks, Alaska with her two children to spend the rest of winter with relatives in Seattle. While crossing a river in a snowstorm, with a roadhouse destination in sight, the sleigh overturned and baby Ann was lost in the confusion. This well-written picture book presents a gripping true story which will raise the heart rate and ultimately comfort young readers with its satisfying ending. Ted Rand’s superb watercolor paintings bring us into a world of darkness and cold snow everywhere, with a particularly good use of firelight from lanterns, windows and doors to evince the safety and warmth of human company in the relentless Alaskan winter.
The Biblical account of Moses’ birth provides him with a folk etymology to explain the ostensible meaning of his name.[15][16] He is said to have received it from the Pharaoh’s daughter: “he became her son. She named him Moses (Moshe), saying, ‘I drew him out (meshitihu) of the water.'”[17][18] This explanation links it to a verb mashah, meaning “to draw out”, which makes the Pharaoh’s daughter’s declaration a play on words.[18][19] The princess made a grammatical mistake which is prophetic of his future role in legend, as someone who will “draw the people of Israel out of Egypt through the waters of the Red Sea.”[20]

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The king of Egypt had a daughter. She went to the river. She saw the basket and opened it. The baby began to cry. The king’s daughter was sorry for the baby. She wanted to take him to her home. She needed someone to take care of the baby. She wanted to be his mother.
The modern scholarly consensus is that the figure of Moses is legendary, and not historical,[8] although a “Moses-like figure may have existed somewhere in the southern Transjordan in the mid-late 13th century B.C.”[33] Certainly no Egyptian sources mention Moses or the events of Exodus-Deuteronomy, nor has any archaeological evidence been discovered in Egypt or the Sinai wilderness to support the story in which he is the central figure.[34] The story of his discovery picks up a familiar motif in ancient Near Eastern mythological accounts of the ruler who rises from humble origins: Thus Sargon of Akkad’s Akkadian account of his origins runs;
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As a new mom myself (the baby is a month old as of yesterday), here are some of the things that I’ve found most helpful that friends and family have given to us. The most helpful thing has been food, specifically food that can be frozen and used later like soups, stews, lasagna, casseroles, etc. I don’t know if the person that you want to help is breastfeeding, but a little basket of snacks is great. You can’t go wrong with diapers, wipes, newborn toys, a pacifier (try to make sure it’s BPA free though).
“If I have this changing pad, I don’t have to carry a bulky diaper bag. It can easily go from my purse to the stroller to the car.”— Sofia Sayer, designer, Sofia Invitations and Prints, mother of a 2-year-old and 11-month-old
The tradition of Moses as a lawgiver and culture hero of the Israelites may go back to the 7th-century BCE sources of the Deuteronomist, which might conserve earlier traditions. Kenneth Kitchen, described as a distinguished but lonely voice among British Egyptologists on the subject,[36] argues that there is an historic core behind the Exodus, with Egyptian corvée labour exacted from Hebrews during the imperialist control exercised by the Egyptian Empire over Canaan from the time of the Thutmosides down to the revolt against Merneptah and Rameses III.[37] Kitchen argued that there is a lack of factual evidence to deny his existence.[38] Martin Noth called the Deuteronomic description of Moses’ burial a ″lone historical tradition.″[39] William Albright believed in the essential historicity of the biblical tales of Moses and the Exodus, accepting however that the core narrative had been overlaid by legendary accretions.[40] Biblical minimalists such as Philip R. Davies and Niels Peter Lemche regard all biblical books, and the stories of an Exodus, united monarchy, exile and return as fictions composed by a social elite in Yehud in the Persian period or even later, the purpose being to legitimize a return to indigenous roots.[41]

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  1. Going out to eat with kids is difficult under any circumstances—but it’s basically impossible when you have a newborn. Give your new parent-friends the gift of food from one of New York’s best restaurants. Russ & Daughter’s New York Brunch package, which, along with its other gift packages, ships to locations nationwide and includes a range of parenthood essentials—from coffee (necessary in those early, sleep-deprived days) to bagels, cream cheese, and lox (protein!), to chocolate babka (okay, not strictly “essential” but delicious nonetheless). 
    (Disclosure: Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you click one of the links and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission that will help support this blog. Thanks so much. )
    The people who were from the family of Joseph were called Israelites or Hebrews.  As it happens there were more and more Israelites than ever before.  The Israelites had children, and their children had children and soon there was too many to count.
    Included in this basket Patterns and colors will vary based on availability. Looking for the perfect baby shower gift that includes a little bit of everything?. Set of patterned Gerber washcloths (2).
    The Hebrew etymology in the Biblical story may reflect an attempt to cancel out traces of Moses’ Egyptian origins.[20] The Egyptian character of his name was recognized as such by ancient Jewish writers like Philo of Alexandria and Josephus.[20] Philo linked Mōēsēs (Μωησής) to the Egyptian (Coptic) word for water (mou/μῶυ), while Josephus, in his Antiquities of the Jews, claimed that the second element, -esês, meant ‘those who are saved’. The problem of how an Egyptian princess, known to Josephus as Thermutis (identified as Tharmuth)[18] and in later Jewish tradition as Bithiah,[22] could have known Hebrew puzzled medieval Jewish commentators like Abraham ibn Ezra and Hezekiah ben Manoah, known also as Hizkuni. Hizkuni suggested she either converted or took a tip from Jochebed.[23][24]

  2. At first glance, you may think there’s no way Harry & David could carry gift baskets that are affordably priced – after all, the specialize in gourmet gift baskets. But, just like us, Harry & David understand that everyone has a gifting budget.
    Just some of the varieties of popcorn you will find in their tins and baskets include white cheddar, cinnamon, drizzled caramel corn, cashews, sweet twists, peppermint bark, butter toffee, and chocolate.
    In a metaphorical sense in the Christian tradition, a “Moses” has been referred to as the leader who delivers the people from a terrible situation. Among the Presidents of the United States known to have used the symbolism of Moses were Harry S. Truman, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, who referred to his supporters as “the Moses generation.”[111]
    Despite the imposing fame associated with Moses, no source mentions him until he emerges in texts associated with the Babylonian exile.[40] A theory developed by Cornelius Tiele in 1872, which had proved influential, argued that Yahweh was a Midianite god, introduced to the Israelites by Moses, whose father-in-law Jethro was a Midianite priest.[42] It was to such a Moses that Yahweh reveals his real name, hidden from the Patriarchs who knew him only as El Shaddai.[43] Against this view is the modern consensus that most of the Israelites were native to Palestine.[44] Martin Noth argued that the Pentateuch uses the figure of Moses, originally linked to legends of a Transjordan conquest, as a narrative bracket or late reductional device to weld together 4 of the 5, originally independent, themes of that work.[40][45] Manfred Görg[46] and Rolf Krauss,[47] the latter in a somewhat sensationalist manner,[48] have suggested that the Moses story is a distortion or transmogrification of the historical pharaoh Amenmose (ca. 1200 BCE), who was dismissed from office and whose name was later simplified to msy (Mose). Aidan Dodson regards this hypothesis as “intriguing, but beyond proof.”[49]
    Upon the death of George Washington in 1799, two thirds of his eulogies referred to him as “America’s Moses,” with one orator saying that “Washington has been the same to us as Moses was to the Children of Israel.”[121]

  3. Jealousy of Moses’ excellent qualities induced Chenephres to send him with unskilled troops on a military expedition to Ethiopia, where he won great victories. After having built the city of Hermopolis, he taught the people the value of the ibis as a protection against the serpents, making the bird the sacred guardian spirit of the city; then he introduced circumcision. After his return to Memphis, Moses taught the people the value of oxen for agriculture, and the consecration of the same by Moses gave rise to the cult of Apis. Finally, after having escaped another plot by killing the assailant sent by the king, Moses fled to Arabia, where he married the daughter of Raguel [Jethro], the ruler of the district.[57]
    “Product was shipped quickly, much sooner than estimated shipping date… Personalization was perfect and as pictured! Great product coupled with great service. Simply unbeatable. Will order from this vendor again.” – Fave13
    “When you get home from the hospital, things can be messy. It’s great to have a few sets of dark sheets, so you don’t stain all your nice, pretty white ones.” — Jo Zasloff, certified nurse midwife, Central Park Midwifery
    Jump up ^ Keeler 2005, pp. 55–56, describes Moses from the Muslim perspective: :”Among prophets, Moses has been described as the one ‘whose career as a messenger of God, lawgiver and leader of his community most closely parallels and foreshadows that of Muhammad’, and as ‘the figure that in the Koran was presented to Muhammad above all others as the supreme model of saviour and ruler of a community, the man chosen to present both knowledge of the one God, and a divinely revealed system of law’. We find him clearly in this role of Muhammad’s forebear in a well-known tradition of the miraculous ascension of the Prophet, where Moses advises Muhammad from his own experience as messenger and lawgiver.”
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    Moses was portrayed by Theodore Roberts in Cecil B. DeMille’s 1923 silent film The Ten Commandments. Moses appeared as the central character in the 1956 DeMille movie, also called The Ten Commandments, in which he was portrayed by Charlton Heston. A television remake was produced in 2006.[citation needed]
    “Even though many families are trying to stay away from these sorts of fluorescent plastic nightmares, this freestanding tripod swing can be a lifesaver. And while we try to be holistic, we also are realistic. There’s a mirror and some sound effects, and it can swing very gently to quite aggressively. It really kind of takes care of itself. Of all the things to have, this might be one to concede to. You have to cook, or you have to write an email, and sometimes you don’t want a baby on your hip when you’re doing that.” — Samantha Huggins, certified birth doula and educator, Carriage House Birth

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