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We just received the gift basket that we ordered and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and in PERFECT condition! Thank you so much for all that you all did to make our co-worker’s birthday special! I have posted your business card on our company bulletin board with a note encouraging people to keep your company in mind for gifts (and told them how FABULOUS the customer service was)!! Thanks again and have a GREAT day!!
Your answer to your holiday gift basket needs are just a few clicks away.  We are happy to help you with your large corporate gift basket orders or your personal baskets for individual friends and family members.  Whatever your needs, we have a gift basket solution for you.  You can use our Bulk Order Form for large orders or you can place all your orders online with one checkout.
Give a pack of a dozen flat cloth diapers. They can be used as burp cloths, wash cloths, small towels, an extra blanket in a pinch, a bib if you forget one, etc. Once baby grows out of them, they are great dish towels because they stand up to bleaching and a million washes.
One of my favorite things to do for a new-mama-to-be is to create a new mama basket. Baby showers tend to be full of baby clothes, baby blankets, baby toys… everything for the baby. I love to pamper and celebrate the mama!
Jump up ^ Keeler 2005, pp. 55–56, describes Moses from the Muslim perspective: :”Among prophets, Moses has been described as the one ‘whose career as a messenger of God, lawgiver and leader of his community most closely parallels and foreshadows that of Muhammad’, and as ‘the figure that in the Koran was presented to Muhammad above all others as the supreme model of saviour and ruler of a community, the man chosen to present both knowledge of the one God, and a divinely revealed system of law’. We find him clearly in this role of Muhammad’s forebear in a well-known tradition of the miraculous ascension of the Prophet, where Moses advises Muhammad from his own experience as messenger and lawgiver.”
Baby gifts ideas are best when they are both practical and sentimental, but also personal. Give them the gift of thoughtfulness when you are looking for the best baby gift, regardless of the occasion.
Adventure and high drama unfurl in this true story that carries all the seeds of tragedy, but ends happily. In the harsh Alaskan winter of 1917, a mother and her two young children, baby Ann and three-year old Betty, climbed into a horse-drawn sleigh, hoping to spend the winter in the kinder climate of Washington. During a violent snow storm, the horses tossed and scattered the passengers; Betty was pulled out from a swift current under ice, but baby Ann was swept away. Later in the day, two trappers found the baby in a basket floating down the icy river, and returned her, unharmed, to her mother. It’s a story of miracle, hardship, survival, and hope that is strongly enhanced by the author’s suspenseful telling and the illustrator’s exquisite winter scenes. His art is full of detail, from the red-cheeked, cherry-nosed travelers, to the cold clouds puffing from the horse’s nostrils, to the evident ferocity of the winter storm. (Picture book. 4-8) — Copyright ©1997, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.
Lactation Cookie Recipe: Most mamas start with plenty of milk, but if there are any latching problems (such as tongue-tie or lip-tie), the milk supply can quickly drop too far. Having a recipe on hand will be encouraging and helpful to a tired new mama. Erin has a delicious looking recipe that I’m going to try! 🙂
Grade 1-3?Using a true story from 1917 Alaska, the Rands have created a perfect marriage of text and illustration. Traveling from Fairbanks to Seattle in midwinter, Marie Boyer and her two daughters, Betty and Ann, are among passengers and freight tossed into an icebound river when the horses pulling their big sleigh panic. Betty is pulled under the ice and Ann, in her snug basket, vanishes in the Arctic dark. Rescued, Betty and the other passengers are comforted at a nearby lodge while a desperate search is mounted to find Ann. At the last moment, two trappers arrive to a joyous reception, carrying basket and baby Ann, discovered sliding down the river atop the ice, pushed by the freezing wind. Gloria Rand’s detailed, dramatic text is well matched by Ted Rand’s robustly wintry illustrations, and presents the hardships faced by Alaskan pioneers in a manner comprehensible to the young. Almost unbelievable in these days of jet planes and superhighways, this gripping tale of near tragedy will enrich a social studies curriculum. Even more, though, it’s an exciting “good read.”?Patricia Manning, formerly at Eastchester Public Library,
Gregory of Nyssa (1978), The Life of Moses, The Classics of Western Spirituality, Transl. Abraham J. Malherbe and Everett Ferguson. Preface by John Meyendorff, Paulist Press, ISBN 978-0-80912112-0. 208 pp.
“In our practice we give all of our new mamas a postpartum, herbal sitz bath, but most providers don’t. They’re soothing to the personal area, and will help speed up recovery.”—Jo Zasloff, certified nurse midwife, Central Park Midwifery
Moses appears eight times in carvings that ring the Supreme Court Great Hall ceiling. His face is presented along with other ancient figures such as Solomon, the Greek god Zeus and the Roman goddess of wisdom, Minerva. The Supreme Court Building’s east pediment depicts Moses holding two tablets. Tablets representing the Ten Commandments can be found carved in the oak courtroom doors, on the support frame of the courtroom’s bronze gates and in the library woodwork. A controversial image is one that sits directly above the Chief Justice of the United States’ head. In the center of the 40-foot-long Spanish marble carving is a tablet displaying Roman numerals I through X, with some numbers partially hidden.[145]
Moses is mentioned 502 times in the Quran; passages mentioning Moses include 2.49–61, 7.103–160, 10.75–93, 17.101–104, 20.9–97, 26.10–66, 27.7–14, 28.3–46, 40.23–30, 43.46–55, 44.17–31, and 79.15–25. and many others. Most of the key events in Moses’ life which are narrated in the Bible are to be found dispersed through the different Surahs of the Quran, with a story about meeting Khidr which is not found in the Bible.[100]
“I totally registered for a fancy high-tech baby bath, and a friend had the nerve to show up to our baby shower with this one. Obviously, she knew something I didn’t. It’s amazing and works just as well for an infant as it does for a toddler. Our 2-year-old loves bath time in this tub. In the first couple months, we added a sponge-bath cushion for extra support, since she was born on the small side.” — Lauren Hart, engineer, mother of a 23-month-old
Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (colloquially called Mormons) generally view Moses in the same way that other Christians do. However, in addition to accepting the biblical account of Moses, Mormons include Selections from the Book of Moses as part of their scriptural canon.[97] This book is believed to be the translated writings of Moses, and is included in the Pearl of Great Price.[98]
Instead of getting stuff for the baby, make the gift basket for the new mom. Include bubble bath, eye mask, hand lotion, nail file, facial scrub, pumice stone, etc. Add a coupon for an hour of baby-sitting services. New moms don’t take time for themselves, so a little pampering will go a long way.
Stories of unusual events during the pregnancy of Aminah, mother of the Islamic prophet Muhammad,[28] are compared with the similar experiences of Jochebed when she was carrying Moses.[29] The significance of this comparison is understood to spring from the affinity of Arabic folklore for Hebrew traditions.[29]
Burp Rags: Actually, we use the prefold cloth diapers (they’re just a big white rectangle). Our first baby had terrible reflux and we quickly learned that those pretty, thin scraps of material sold as burp rags weren’t going to do much!
In the late eighteenth century, the deist Thomas Paine commented at length on Moses’ Laws in The Age of Reason (1794, 1795, and 1807). Paine considered Moses to be a “detestable villain”, and cited Numbers 31:13–18 as an example of his “unexampled atrocities”.[151] In the passage, the Jewish army had returned from conquering the Midianites, and Moses has gone down to meet it:
“On the expensive end of the gift spectrum, the most useful gift we received was this swing. We used it CONSTANTLY for about four months. My daughter insisted on being held at all times, unless I put her in this swing. Without it, I never would have been able to eat or pee.” — Emily Ross, assistant provost at School of Visual Arts, New York City, mother of a 15-month-old
You are looking for the perfect gifting experience and we know you have questions before you buy.  Over the years there are a few questions that come up over an over again so let’s try to answer them right now for you.
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Michelangelo’s statue of Moses in the Church of San Pietro in Vincoli, Rome, is one of the most familiar masterpieces in the world.[citation needed] The horns the sculptor included on Moses’ head are the result of a mistranslation of the Hebrew Bible into the Latin Vulgate Bible with which Michelangelo was familiar. The Hebrew word taken from Exodus means either a “horn” or an “irradiation.” Experts at the Archaeological Institute of America show that the term was used when Moses “returned to his people after seeing as much of the Glory of the Lord as human eye could stand,” and his face “reflected radiance.”[136] In early Jewish art, moreover, Moses is often “shown with rays coming out of his head.”[137]
Every mom needs plenty of them. Just make sure to find out what kind she’s planning to use, disposable or cloth. Modern cloth “diapering systems” can get really expensive, so even just one or two of them would be a nice addition to a basket. If she’s using disposables, get a whole package. They’ll get used.
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The name King Mesha of Moab has been linked to that of Moses. Mesha also is associated with narratives of an exodus and a conquest, and several motifs in stories about him are shared with the Exodus tale and that regarding Israel’s war with Moab (2 Kings 3). Moab rebels against oppression, like Moses, leads his people out of Israel, as Moses does from Egypt, and his first-born son is slaughtered at the wall of Kir-hareseth as the firstborn of Israel are condemned to slaughter in the Exodus story, “an infernal passover that delivers Mesha while wrath burns against his enemies”.[50]
Offers the true-life story of Baby Ann who vanished after the family and their belongings were separated when their sleigh accidentally broke through the ice during a mid-winter journey in Alaska in 1917.

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  1. When shopping for baby gift baskets, pay attention to what each basket includes and consider what the family receiving the basket is most likely to want or need. Some common gift basket items are practical supplies that are useful for nearly everyone with a baby, including receiving blankets, burp cloths, hats, booties, baby body wash or shampoo and baby lotion. Most baskets also include cuddly stuffed animals and other playtime items, such as rattles. They may also include picture frames, keepsakes and music CDs.
    I would suggest those things that would make life easier for the new mom, including a little pampering. A few frozen main dishes would be very welcome! She’ll be exhausted and not having to cook would be wonderful. If you do not want to cook, I would include gift certificates to restaurants. Even certificates to carry out and delivery places would be great. Include a gift card for a massage, pedicure, or something just for her to get away for personal renewal. Even a card offering to babysit would be a blessing!
    Cheese, sausage and crackers with mixed nuts on a durable cutting board, this is a great way to express almost any sentiment. This gift is sure to be loved by everyone lucky enough to be on your gift list. Learn More
    They hid Moses for three months, but as he got older he didn’t sleep as much and he cried louder than before.  So his parents did the only thing they could do, they made a strong basket (sort of like a mini baby boat) and put blankets around the baby and placed the basket in some tall grass in the Nile river.
    Ingraham, Joseph Holt (2006) [New York: A.L. Burt, 1859], The Pillar of Fire: Or Israel in Bondage (reprint), Ann Arbor, MC: Scholarly Publishing Office, University of Michigan Library, ISBN 1-4255-6491-7.

  2. For the mom (or grandma) who loves traditional baby gifts, give them a personalized pewter plate inscribed with the new baby’s name. Ornaments inscribed with the baby’s name and other personalized newborn baby gifts also make unique baby gifts the whole family can enjoy and that can be passed on through the generations.
    Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required.
    Sigmund Freud, in his last book, Moses and Monotheism in 1939, postulated that Moses was an Egyptian nobleman who adhered to the monotheism of Akhenaten. Following a theory proposed by a contemporary biblical critic, Freud believed that Moses was murdered in the wilderness, producing a collective sense of patricidal guilt that has been at the heart of Judaism ever since. “Judaism had been a religion of the father, Christianity became a religion of the son”, he wrote. The possible Egyptian origin of Moses and of his message has received significant scholarly attention.[130][page needed][131] Opponents of this view observe that the religion of the Torah seems different from Atenism in everything except the central feature of devotion to a single god,[132] although this has been countered by a variety of arguments, e.g. pointing out the similarities between the Hymn to Aten and Psalm 104.[130][page needed][133] Freud’s interpretation of the historical Moses is not well accepted among historians, and is considered pseudohistory by many.[134][page needed]
    The story may trouble sensitive readers, and I recommend that adults be available to help children see that although the baby’s mother was not able to rescue her child, still a providential hand was ready to bring her to safety. For Christian families, the story provides an opportunity to talk about God’s protective care of children, especially those whose parents cannot care for them (see Matthew 10:30-31; Psalm 10:17-18; Psalm 68:5; and many other examples). It is best suited to an elementary audience.
    If a friend of family is expecting or has recently had a new baby, a baby gift basket can be a very welcome gift. Baby baskets are usually filled to the brim with baby care necessities and fun extras, such as playtime items and picture frames. Some baskets can even double as baby carriers.
    After baby arrives, most people in the west are too busy thinking about the new bundle of joy to worry about how the mother is doing. In some countries, it’s traditional to help new mothers and let them have a proper pampered babymoon, but that’s not so common here. So do something different – spoil a new mother with a gift basket. Here are some great ideas to add to the basket.
    Instead of getting stuff for the baby, make the gift basket for the new mom. Include bubble bath, eye mask, hand lotion, nail file, facial scrub, pumice stone, etc. Add a coupon for an hour of baby-sitting services. New moms don’t take time for themselves, so a little pampering will go a long way.

  3. “For a structured baby carrier, I like the Beco Gemini, which you can put your newborn right in, thanks to the buckles and the structure. Babies fit in structured carriers earlier than the wraps, and men tend to love these because they’re sleek and easier to use — it’s just one less thing to master right out of the gate. It gives you hands-free time, and it’s a little less fuss.” — Lindsey Bliss, certified birth doula and educator, Carriage House Birth
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    Most of the gifts you will find from the Popcorn Factory are under $50 – making them perfect for gifters on a budget. You can find large assortments of popcorn tins, including their signature flavors, for under $30. During the holidays, they also offer special discounts and sometimes free shipping – so you may be able to find more budget-friendly gifts during the holidays.
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    • White Linen Grey Elephant Print Basket. • Grey Elephant Plush Animal. Gender: Unisex/Gender Neutral. • Circo- Grey and White Striped Fleece Receiving Blanket. • Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo-Lightly Sc…
    Important figures in the Baha’i religion, such as Abdul’l-Baha, have highlighted the fact that Moses, like Abraham, had none of the makings of a great man of history, but through God’s assistance he was able achieve many great things. He is described as having been “for a long time a shepherd in the wilderness,” of having had a stammer, and of being “much hated and detested” by the Pharaoh and the ancient Egyptians of his time. He is said to have been raised in an oppressive household, and to have been known, in Egypt, as a man who had committed murder – though he had done so in order to prevent an act of cruelty.[109]

  4. Anyway, a new king who was called Pharaoh came into power in Egypt.  He didn’t like it that there were so many Israelites and he thought they would one day take over the land.  So he decided to make all the Israelites into slaves.
    Readers might like to know the baby went on to enjoy a very long and adventurous life. Ann Jeffrey (her last name was unfortunately misspelled in the book’s dedication) and husband Jack reared two daughters in Seward, Alaska, where the family ate the moose we hunted and salmon we caught from our small boat.
    From Sinai, Moses led the Israelites to the Desert of Paran on the border of Canaan. From there he sent twelve spies into the land. The spies returned with samples of the land’s fertility, but warned that its inhabitants were giants. The people were afraid and wanted to return to Egypt, and some rebelled against Moses and against God. Moses told the Israelites that they were not worthy to inherit the land, and would wander the wilderness for forty years until the generation who had refused to enter Canaan had died, so that it would be their children who would possess the land.[31]
    Nursing Pads: Some ultra-soft washable or disposable nursing pads are a big treat for a new mama! I received these as a gift, and it was such a wonderful difference to switch to them from the more “economical” version!
    Browse through our great collection of inexpensive baby gifts all under $25. From baby picture frames, keepsakes, and newborn outfits, Corner Stork Baby Gifts has a wonderfully wide selection to choose from. Don’t forget to visit our article area to read our baby gifts guide for more great baby gift ideas!
    “These stacking baby cups. Holy shit. I cannot believe how much mileage we’ve gotten out of them. They can be incorporated into almost any level of developmental play. At first, she used to just gum on them. Then we stacked them as intended. Then we brought them into the bath for water play. Now she will put a spoon in one and bring me a ‘cup of coffee.’” — Elizabeth Verrelli, event planner, mother of a 2-year-old

  5. 35. An Egyptian priest named Moses, who possessed a portion of the country called the Lower Egypt, being dissatisfied with the established institutions there, left it and came to Judaea with a large body of people who worshipped the Divinity. He declared and taught that the Egyptians and Africans entertained erroneous sentiments, in representing the Divinity under the likeness of wild beasts and cattle of the field; that the Greeks also were in error in making images of their gods after the human form. For God [said he] may be this one thing which encompasses us all, land and sea, which we call heaven, or the universe, or the nature of things….
    Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, or just want to add some joy to someone’s day, sending a unique and thoughtful gourmet gift basket is the perfect way to let your loved ones know how you feel. We have hundreds of one-of-a-kind gift baskets to mark every special occasion, no matter who you’re shopping for. At affordable prices, you can find the perfect gift basket within your budget. In fact, you may even end up getting a little treat for yourself! Looking for the perfect gift basket for her? Our selection of gift baskets is guaranteed to include something that the special woman in your life will love. You can give her the gift of luxury and relaxation with a unique spa gift basket. You can indulge her with decadent chocolate and fine wine gift baskets. You can even give her the gift of beauty with fresh flower gift baskets that continue to bloom and perfume the room, for the perfect gift that keeps on giving. Men can be hard shop for, but now you can give him exactly what he wants. Gift baskets for beer lovers, golfers, food lovers, coffee connoisseurs and more will let him know you care — and will be thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. Life brings lots of special occasions to celebrate. Here, you can find unique and meaningful gift baskets to mark birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduations, the birth of a new baby, and any other milestone or event that deserves a special gift. Our gift baskets are truly unique. You can find delicious, gourmet delicacies to please any palate, fine wines, beers from around the world, fresh flowers and flowering plants, fresh fruit baskets, decadent chocolates, irresistible cookies and brownies, gourmet popcorn and snacks, bath and spa baskets, gifts for children and babies, and more! We offer a wide selection and almost endless variety so you can be sure you are giving a gift your loved one will treasure. With prices to meet any budget, you will be able to show you care without spending too much. We also offer superior customer service, and a convenient account registry so you can track all your orders. Start shopping now for that perfect gift, or call us at 1-888-631-9695.
    Looking for an adorable gift for a baby? Find them in our catalog of sweet presents for babies that even mom and dad will love. Check out our colorful and soft bath towels that can be personalized, plush stuffed animals with secret compartments, quilts and keepsake wall art. Cute onesies, beach gear, and picture books are also great baby gifts.
    Jump up ^ “Thus says the LORD, “Let My people go, that they may serve Me.”Exodus 8:1Schmidt, Nathaniel (Feb 1896), “Moses: His Age and His Work. II”, The Biblical World, 7 (2): 105–19, esp. 108, It was the prophet’s call. It was a real ecstatic experience, like that of David under the baka-tree, Elijah on the mountain, Isaiah in the temple, Ezekiel on the Khebar, Jesus in the Jordan, Paul on the Damascus road. It was the perpetual mystery of the divine touching the human..
    For the mom (or grandma) who loves traditional baby gifts, give them a personalized pewter plate inscribed with the new baby’s name. Ornaments inscribed with the baby’s name and other personalized newborn baby gifts also make unique baby gifts the whole family can enjoy and that can be passed on through the generations.
    Baby gifts ideas are best when they are both practical and sentimental, but also personal. Give them the gift of thoughtfulness when you are looking for the best baby gift, regardless of the occasion.
    The Strategist is designed to surface the most useful, expert recommendations for things to buy across the vast e-commerce landscape. Some of our latest conquests include the best women’s jeans, rolling luggage, pillows for side sleepers, ultra-flattering pants, and bath towels. We update links when possible, but note that deals can expire and all prices are subject to change.
    “I have three boys, and I basically only used this stroller all the way through. The car-seat attachment allowed me to use it from day one, and I still use it today with my 4-year-old. It has gotten so much use and is so tough. Because it’s not huge and has a swivel wheel, you can use it indoors, too.” — Rachael Martelle, home stylist, mother of an 8-year-old, 4-year-old, and 2-year-old
    In Josephus’ (37 – c. 100 CE) Antiquities of the Jews, Moses is mentioned throughout. For example Book VIII Ch. IV, describes Solomon’s Temple, also known as the First Temple, at the time the Ark of the Covenant was first moved into the newly built temple:

  6. Moses is honoured among Jews today as the “lawgiver of Israel”, and he delivers several sets of laws in the course of the four books. The first is the Covenant Code (Exodus 20:19–23:33), the terms of the covenant which God offers to the Israelites at biblical Mount Sinai. Embedded in the covenant are the Decalogue (the Ten Commandments, Exodus 20:1–17) and the Book of the Covenant (Exodus 20:22–23:19).[32] The entire Book of Leviticus constitutes a second body of law, the Book of Numbers begins with yet another set, and the Book of Deuteronomy another.[citation needed]
    Burp Rags: Actually, we use the prefold cloth diapers (they’re just a big white rectangle). Our first baby had terrible reflux and we quickly learned that those pretty, thin scraps of material sold as burp rags weren’t going to do much!
    Fruit is a great thing to eat when you’ve just had a kid. Most of it you can hold with one hand while tending to the baby in the other. It’s also healthy and nourishing, which feels nice amid the sea of bagels, babka, and cheese you’re also enjoying. This California-based company sells a huge variety of amazing produce, including various types of fruit that have short seasonal windows and can thus be difficult to find elsewhere. This basket in particular features all sorts of delicacies—from Asian Pears, Cherimoyas and Feijoas to Kumquats, Sapotes, Tamarillos, Lychees and Starfruit. 
    Numenius was a man of the world; he was not limited to Greek and Egyptian mysteries, but talked familiarly of the myths of Brahmins and Magi. It is however his knowledge and use of the Hebrew scriptures which distinguished him from other Greek philosophers. He refers to Moses simply as “the prophet”, exactly as for him Homer is the poet. Plato is described as a Greek Moses.[73]
    Benjamin Franklin, in 1788, saw the difficulties that some of the newly independent American states were having in forming a government, and proposed that until a new code of laws could be agreed to, they should be governed by “the laws of Moses,” as contained in the Old Testament.[122] He justified his proposal by explaining that the laws had worked in biblical times: “The Supreme Being… having rescued them from bondage by many miracles, performed by his servant Moses, he personally delivered to that chosen servant, in the presence of the whole nation, a constitution and code of laws for their observance.[123]

  7. Books and DVDs: Speaking of relaxation techniques, consider giving books and DVDs about pregnancy, birth and babies! Some of my favorites are Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way, “Making Babies” book and DVD set and “The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy.”
    The Jewish historian Artapanus of Alexandria (2nd century BCE), portrayed Moses as a cultural hero, alien to the Pharaonic court. According to theologian John Barclay, the Moses of Artapanus “clearly bears the destiny of the Jews, and in his personal, cultural and military splendor, brings credit to the whole Jewish people.”[56]
    This is one of my favorite children’s books! I highly recommend this wonderful book to moms of children all the time. Based on true events, it is a beautiful depiction of God’s protection. I also love Ted Rand’s pictures.
    Personal care: Breast-feeding moms need pajamas and tops that button or zip down the front. A luxurious new bathrobe and slippers would be a lovely pick-me-up for anyone feeling haggard or unattractive. Make sure all clothing is machine-washable and dryable. Scented body wipes are a sanity-saver for those days when there just doesn’t seem to be a way to sneak away from baby long enough for a shower. Fluctuating hormones can leave skin dry, so include a good-quality body lotion. Toss in some pretty headbands or ponytail holders. Maybe tuck in a moisturizing lipstick or tinted lip balm just for fun.
    Jump up ^ William G. Dever (10 May 2001). What Did the Biblical Writers Know and When Did They Know It?: What Archeology Can Tell Us About the Reality of Ancient Israel. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing. p. 99. ISBN 978-0-8028-2126-3.

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