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American Girl dolls were originally released in 1986 by the Pleasant Company. These 18-inch historical dolls are famous for their portrayal of 8 to 11-year-old girls from different historical eras and ethnicities. The brand also sells a line of dolls that have different options for hair and eye color, allowing you to create one that looks similar to yourself.
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Providing and building access to clean water, to reduce the distances traveled by women and girls to collect water and incidences of water-related disease, so mothers can spend more time pursuing income-generating activities and children in school.
Twins Baby Dolls Features:   Size: Approx 10inch Head to Toe    Weight: Approximately 1 LB    Material: Head and Limbs are made of Soft Vinyl   Vinyl Arms – Full Length    Vinyl Legs – Full Length   Hair Color –  Hand Painted Hair    Hand applied eyelashes/Hand set eyes.    Great toy for babies.your baby can play with her in bathroom.   Tip: this is A pair 10 inches (25 to 27cm) Anatomically Correct Twins Baby doll, please pay attention to the size.   .

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He is so cute! We received so many compliments on our newest addition. I bought him premie clothing and it is too big but my daughter doesn’t care. She’s in love. I was able to fill the included bottle with white fabric softener and then I glued it shut so now she can “feed” her baby milk. He is weighted like a real baby. He’s about the size of a 4lb premie.
Doll and/or Dress NOT included. New American Girl doll BARRETTE in original clear package with American Girl gold sticker. Item is 18″ doll size accessory; NOT child size. We are smoke free. Please read ‘item description’ for full details.
This is a gorgeous retired American Girl Molly doll in the original white box with burgundy band. Molly is is excellent used condition. Hair is in original braids with ribbons. She is wearing her meet outfit which includes her sweater, skirt, undies, dickie, socks and shoes. She is also wearing her glasses. She was extremely well kept. The box shows some minor aging see pics. Continental US only.
Consuelo is a generous and imaginative ten-year-old girl from Mexico City. Her family own a bakery, so their apartment above it always smells like something wonderful to eat! There are many hungry children living on the streets in Mexico City and their yearning faces touch Consuelo’s heart. She knows that there’s always food left over in the bakery; what would happen if she created a special cantina in the courtyard, and invited the children in? Maybe she could even teach some of them to become bakers! Sometimes, an idea can become a new life.
Oh my, what can i say about this doll!?! For starters it is so real looking, the weight of it is real. There are only a couple things i wish are that the hair was real instead of drawn on through a plastic mold and tgat you could move the arms and legs. I would buy this again in a heartbeat!! It came before it was scheduled!!!!
We do not deliver on Sundays, but do sometimes deliver on Saturday depending on the carrier that is delivering your order. The best way to determine the date of delivery is to check the status in My Account .
This doll looks like she does in the picture. She can be dressed in “newborn” or “0 to 3 month” clothing. The arms are vinyl to about 2″ before the shoulder so she can wear short sleeves without the cloth body showing. The legs are vinyl to about 2″ above the knee so it is possible to dress the doll in shorts but not a “one-sey.” The body is soft and very cuddly as well as the vinyl arms and legs. If you look inside the mouth, the top gum is visible and looks cute. The hair is painted on which I don’t believe detracts from the doll at all as it looks realistic and very much like the fine (sometimes sparse!) hair of a new baby. The eyes are lovely and the eyelashes delicate. The head does need some mild support when picked … full review
Material: Gentle Touch Vinyl Head and Limbs. 1pc of boy doll. 1pc of girl doll. Full body Silicone Vinyl. -Photo color might be a little different from the actual product due to color display of different monitors.
We make all of our plush and soft dolls out of the safest materials around. So rest assured… its kid safe! Your children will love dressing the dolls in various clothes or bringing them around in a doll stroller! The fun never ends with HABA!
This reborn dolls wear real baby clothes size “newborn” or “0-3 month”. Reborn Baby Doll. Reborn doll kit. Q: Is this reborn baby is a boy or a girl?. A: This reborn baby is unisex,the body is cloth b…
Welly Wishers: All wearing Wellington Boots, this collection was introduced in the summer of 2016. At 16 inches, they are similar in body shape to the historical characters, and their names are Willa, Camille, Kendall, Emerson, and Ashlyn.
Reborn Saskia. She has lovely full arms and legs. Saskia has a doe suede body. I have filled her with glasses breads for weighting and polyfibre filling in all the right places to make her feel like real baby.
I’ve just received this doll yesterday. As an adult, I never really bought any toys for myself since few weeks ago. But I did like dolls a lot when I was a kid. But then I accidentally came across these cute dolls I also bought another 18 inch fashion doll) online and I thought it’d be great to have some fun for myself since they’re not that expensive. 🙂
I’ve now added Rahel to my collection. Like Nahji, she is more beautiful in person than in her photo. I like her jewelry better. One thing to be aware of, her necklaces are not actual beads, although they do like them them. If you want to remove them, they have to be cut. I left the dangles on her earrings as they are quite pretty. Her plastic bracelets are rubbery so they can be rolled off her hand (although it might be harder for a child to take them off or put them on). Her outfit is quite stunning and well made. Her top is a bodysuit. her shoes are sandals without backs so the attachment bands will stay on until I make her new shoes.
Reborn dolls are manufactured dolls made to resemble a real-life baby girl or boy. These silicone baby toys come in different sizes, ranging from newborn to toddler. The available items in this collection are also known as reborn baby dolls or lifelike dolls.
Shop for dolls with realistic features. Maybe they come with toys, bottles or gear like strollers and cradles. They may even cry or wet their diapers. Playing mommy or daddy is popular with this age group.
While a plush doll or stuffed animal may not mean much to a newborn, older infants and toddlers can form strong attachments to them. A beloved toy may become a source of comfort, and older toddlers may attempt to mimic their parents, grandparents and other caregivers when playing with a baby doll. When shopping for this age group, keep the following tips in mind:
DS silicone dolls are built with a specially formulated silicon skin which given them a life like texture and softness which is beyond that which traditional mannequins or lesser quality doll makers can deliver.
I am so excited to give this little baby doll to my granddaughter. She is a typical “girlie, girl”, and loves playing with baby dolls.. This doll is going to be a great addition to her little “baby family”.
Reborn baby dolls resemble a real baby so much so that they are often mistaken as such. Reborn baby dolls, an industry that began in the early 1990s, take dolls and recreates them to appear as real and…
When you purchase ShippingPass you don’t have to worry about minimum order requirements or shipping distance. No matter how small the order or how far it needs to go, ShippingPass provides unlimited nationwide shipping. If you need to return or exchange an item you can send it back at no cost or take it to your neighborhood store.
This item fits: 11″ Barbies Doll. 10 Pcs/lot Party Dress for Barbies Dolls. Nice and lovely gift for your little girl! Fashion style and easy to wear. The Dolls and other Accessory are Not Inclded. Color and type are sent by Random.
The doll was made in Japan. She is old and I don’t know her history. Her head is celluloid, her arms are stuffed cloth and her body is hard and covered with cloth. I have not tried to wind it for fear of damaging her.
Twins Baby Dolls Features: Size: Approx 10inch Head to Toe  Weight: Approximately 1 LB  Material: Head and Limbs are made of Soft Vinyl Vinyl Arms – Full Length  Vinyl Legs – Full Length Hair Color –  Hand Painted Hair  Hand applied eyelashes/Hand set eyes.  Great toy for babies.your baby can play with her in bathroom.
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Unfortunately, though, there’s a big issue with this new Consuelo- her hair is mega short! Gone are the thick, long shiny brown locks of hair that she originally had. My Consuelo came to me with a side ponytail-like all of the dolls have in the box-except it was cut significantly shorter than the original. Not only was it short, it was uneven! One side of her head had longer hair with layers, and the other side was much shorter, with choppy layers. The quality of the hair has not changed but this one has an atrocious haircut. I don’t know if this was a factory error or something went wrong with this one, but I’m disappointed in it.
The old saying that “girls just wanna have fun” is certainly the foundation of many girls’ toy lines. However, the real fun and dynamics come when the boys play as well. In the case of the Monster High…
They are safe to be cut into smaller pieces and used throughout your reborn doll. Also Great for Clay babies too. Safe around children and pets. You’ll get 5 Wonder Wafers that are wrapped Indivdually to keep fresh until you are ready to use them.
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I ordered two of these dolls. My granddaughters will love them for Christmas. However, the tittle outfits they are wearing smell like chemicals. I decided to take them off and wash them before I wrapped them. While I was taking the outfits off – both of them tore at the seam where the legs are. I just took the outfits to my sewing machine and reinforced the seam. Hopefully, this will hold up to a two and three year old. The dolls have a little patting the the rear end and seem so lifelike. Overall very satisfied.
Kids at this age also begin to develop hobbies and other interests. Look for dolls that that encourage this type of exploration, such as doll whose hair can be styled or one with craft items that let your child design their own accessories for the doll.
Truly Me: The names of this line have changed over the years; however, it has featured 68 different girls that have different eye color, hair color, style, skin tones, and face molds. Some feature teeth and freckles. The variety allows you to choose the one that most resembles you.
He is a gorgeous and very realistic sculpt.He has been previously reborn but needs to be redone. His face was painted but paint is coming off in places. His hands and feet were also painted but are too dark (darker than my photos) and is also wearing off.
Okay. Let me start off by saying I’ve bought $400 reborn dolls, and I was looking for somthing silicone that I found afford. Bought this in hopes it was TRUE SILICONE. it’s not. If I had to compare it. I’d say hallow-ish rubber, stuffed with cotton… and the dolls I’ve got have hand rooted hair…
We use a reliable third – party logistics company who take care of potential import issues for customers. You don’t need to worry any longer about how to import the doll from China! There is no paper work nor extra shipping fee.
I purchased the newly re-released H4H dolls right after they were released! I’m a long-time fan and I missed quite a few of these dolls when they were originally in stores. I’ve compiled mini reviews of each of the characters in this re-release. The packaging is sturdy and easy to open, and the little pieces they come with are darling and just make the dolls so much better. The little plastic comb is usable and durable, with a small hair-tie on the handle for endless hair styling! They also come with a bracelet and a book about the characters.

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